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Domain's competitors 

The site's competitors for PPC are listed here. This report is a starting point for a meticulous competitors’ semantic core study for a specific page and implementation on your site.
The list of competitors can be changed using the corresponding button. To keep the list just enter a name for the template and save it.

Competitors 16261788657713

Common keywords — the number of common keywords for the searched domain and the competing domain
Total keywords — the number of keywords that the domain uses for contextual advertising.
Missing keywords — the number of keywords by which the competing domain is promoted and which we do not have.
Total аds — the number of ads shown for this domain.

Use case: identify relevant competitors:
You can select relevant competitors for yourself, which will further allow you to collect the missing semantics for SEO and PPC;
- find examples of ads; allocate advertising budget:
After analyzing the sites, you can see sample ads in the Advertisements report and find out the budget for a competitor's advertising there. This will help you quickly gather the necessary semantics for context, based on your budget;
- track positions changes in the search results:
You can analyze your competitors either separately or by adding them to your Rank Tracking project, so you will be able to track position changes in the search results and at the right time determine where you should push to avoid being left behind a competitor!

Report set up
Here are some tips on how you can set up the report for your needs:
1. In the upper right corner, there is a button that will allow you to copy the necessary information by selecting the keywords, checkboxes will help with this;

Competitors 16261788657713

2. The settings will allow you to remove or add the necessary columns, the filter on the right to receive specific information and, of course, export in various formats;

Competitors 16261788657713

3. The blue mark provides quick access to other reports;
Competitors 16261788657713

4. A pointer to the left of the domain / URL will take you to the site itself;

Competitors 16261788657713

5. Most indicators in the columns are clickable, to see a detailed report  — click on the indicator.
* In the default report, the filter "Keywords with incorrect content  — does not contain" is applied, if you want to view all the results, the filter must be canceled.