Check your backlink profile with that of your competitors and tap into their most profitable backlinks sources.

Serpstat Competitor Backlink Analysis Tool

backlink analysis tool
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Serpstat competitor backlink checker provides you with the full backlink profile of any site, so you can:

How to use Backlink monitoring?

Find low-quality backlinks that can lead to search engine penalties for your website.
Identify high-quality backlinks of direct competitors
Find out common and unique backlink donors for your and competitors' sites and analyze them
How to use Backlink monitoring
Backlink analytics with Serpstat is a one-stop for you to:

Check website backlinks and improve your rankings

Check website backlinks and get relevant ones from authority sites that are critical for higher search engine rankings
Find out low-quality backlinks for your site that can lead to search engine penalties
Strategize on your link building campaign
Look up the sources of your competitors and gauge the quality of their backlink profiles
Monitor your site backlink health
See every page linking to your target page in the detailed reports
check website backlinks
Analyze any site's backlink profile for your actionable strategy with Serpstat backlink audit tool:

Dive deeper in backlink profile analysis

Get lists of all the Anchors used in your top competitors' backlinks to find out the most profitable ones
Get full report of your competitors' Top Pages with the highest number of backlinks and analyze them
Cross-analyze the whole batch of sites and compare their backlinking data
Compare the backlinking data of several competing sites and find their common and unique donors
backlink audit tool

SEO Analysis of Domain List in One Report!

Analyze competitors across 5 any bases and 18 metrics simultaneously, as well as:
Work out 18 metrics: visibility, traffic, SEO / PPC keywords, internal and external links and domains, site authority, etc.
Find out if competitors are using dropped domains with link profile analysis
Select authoritative sites for placing links
Analyze the SEO of your site's subdomains

What is a backlink checker?

It is a Backlink tool with additional opportunities to:
Find trust rank of the domain, the number of referring and redirecting domains
Track dynamic of new and lost backlinks data, active and lost external links
Receive top pages of outreach competitors
Detect toxic backlinks
Create a list of backlink anchors
Check the referring domain zones and countries
Send up to 500 pages per day in Serpstat URL Recrawling Tool to get fresh data to your link-building strategy
Use Serpstat backlink research tools! Open Backlink analysis and enter a competitive domain in the search area. Check out the Top Pages report, how many referring domains are placed on the website, which of them have unique IP subnets, what is the domain authority.

How to find backlinks of website?

How to check backlink quality?

Check the domain authority with Serpstat Domain Rank. It depends on the number of sites linking to the analyzed one and the number of sites linking to these referring sites.
Personal demonstration
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Serpstat is a solid SEO tool. It's got all of the features you'd expect from an SEO software suite. And it's competitively priced compared to its main competitors. I haven't had a ton of interactions with Serpstat support. But the few I did were impressive. A big checkmark here.
Serpstat is a solid tool that can be a cost-effective alternative to some of the industry heavyweights such as SEMrush and Ahrefs. Serpstat is certainly worth a trial if you are looking for a tool that can provide actionable insights and help improve your SEO and PPC campaign performance.
Serpstat is one of the newest on the market and is quickly gaining users across the community thanks to key features, such as its powerful API and a huge database of keywords and domains.
Brian Dean
Founder of Backlinko
Robbie Richards
Digital Marketing strategist
Jeff Bullas
Digital Marketing influencer
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Frequently asked questions

How to check backlinks?

1. Open SEO backlink checker
2. Write the domain to start research
3. Get the complete report of backlinks
4. Make an anchor plan, analyze donor sites, review posted links to create a competitive backlink profile in niche.

What is a backlink profile?

It is a group of links that are referenced to your website as a text, image, redirect, frame, form, etc and transmitting the link weight.

How to find backlinks for a website?

Take advantage of the Serpstat backlink search tools! Open Backlink analysis and add a competitive domain in the search area. See the Top Pages report, how many reference domains are placed on the site, which ones have unique IP subnets, which is the domain authority.

How to find backlinks of competitors?

Enter a competitive domain is Backlink search, have a look at the dashboard review, check the top pages by number of backlinks. Compare up to three competitors in Link intersects to see what domains are related to our competitors but not to us.

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