SEO checklist for a website redesign

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Vera Novikova

Before the site relocation:
0.1. Make a full technical audit of the site.

0.2. Create a file with a list of all pages for comparison after the redesign.

0.3. Check and fix the loading speed of the site.

So, what actions should be taken after the website gets a new look?
Technical SEO
1. Check the openness of the site to indexing
During development, the site is closed from indexing, and it is important to ensure that it is open for indexing.
2. Check the connection and work of HTTPs
3. Check the correctness of the transfer and serviceability:
  • robots.txt
  • sitemap.txt
  • previously set up rules on redirects
4. The main address of the site
Check which URL opens the site, as well as whether the main mirror is configured. This way, we'll avoid duplicates, which negatively affect the site's ranking.

The site should open only with one URL option. All others, HTTP, www., .html, etc., must be redirected by 301-redirect to the main URL.
5. Correspondence of old and new pages' URLs
If there was a change in the structures and page URLs in general during relocation, add new 301 redirects from old pages to new ones. In this case, the file from step 0.2 will be useful.
6. Check the implementation and absence of errors in hreflang
On multilingual sites, it is important to monitor errors related to the hreflang tag.
7. Micro-markup
Check if structured data is displayed and if there are errors in them using
8. Canonical
Check whether Canonical settings were transferred from the old site and also assign new Canonical to pages that appeared on the new site and that require this tag.
9. Site adaptability and display on different screens
Check how the new site is displayed on mobile devices (with different OS).
10. Check for confirmation tags or files for Google Search Console or other systems that were installed on the old site
If you confirmed your site with an html tag or file in the root of the site, check whether they remained after the site relocation.
11. Site loading speed
In the era of Core Web Vitals, site loading speed is an important factor. After relocation, check the speed using different services: PageSpeed Insights,, and others and compare with old performance.
1. Site content
Check the correctness of information transferred from the old site, including texts, images, headings, and subheadings. Look at all the content that was transferred.
2. Meta information
Check the correctness of the transfer and display of Title and Description. Also, check if there is duplicate meta information to edit or delete it.
3. H1-headings
Check the correctness of transfer and display of H1 headings.
4. 404 errors or broken links
Check whether there are new 404 errors. We also pay attention to the way the 404 page itself looks on the site. This should be a designed page with information that the content was not found, contact details, and the possibility to return to the site.

Also, look at the 404 errors of external links. If there are any, remove or edit them.
1. Check the correctness of the transfer codes for Google Analytics + GA4, Facebook Pixel, GTM, and others used on the site
2. Setting new goals for Google Analytics
If you had goals for Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc. installed on your site, it's worth checking their functionality. Prescribe new goals if there's been a change in the logic of event sending. For example, previously, you used a Thank You page, but now, the form is sent without a separate URL appearing. In this case, it is necessary to enter new events into analytics systems.
3. Checking the correctness of the data that are sent to analytics systems and other external services
Check whether events, traffic, forms, and requests are sent to analytics systems. Fill in the forms in the test mode and check if the events work.
4. Checking the performance of forms, applications, callback requests, etc. depending on the site
Check if everything works when filling out forms, applications, etc. Manually go through the entire user path and check the correctness of the site.
5. Checking letters that are sent after filling out requests etc. on the site
If various elements of letters (pictures, logos, etc.) were embedded on the old site, check the correctness of their transfer and functionality in the trigger emails that are sent from the site.

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