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Identify your site's relevant competitors, find the top pages, and collect their keywords.

Use the data to track your business niche trends and integrate competitor insights into your SEO campaign.

Find the top pages of your competitors

Compile a list of online competitors

dentify competitors in the SERPs based on an exact algorithm instead of guessworks. Use the Competitors in SERPs report from Serpstat.

Obtain a list of domains that are in the top-20 Google results for the same keywords as the analyzed domain.

Analyze the returned domains by the number of keywords and public keywords, relevance and visibility to determine the most dynamic competitors.

Check competitor's top pages

Discover which pages of competitors' websites are the most popular. This analysis of competitor pages will help you to identify niche trends, as well as single out the best ideas to incorporate into your projects. Use the Top Pages report to automatically select the most popular competitor pages:
Use this data to monitor your competitors' most popular products and services, as well as to highlight competitors' most optimized pages.
by the number of keywords in the top-100 Google;
by the number of shares on Facebook;
by the volume of keyword traffic depending on the keyword frequency and the domain rank.

Determine the top pages by keywords

Find the full list of pages that appear in SERPs for the desired keyword. The keywords are arranged in descending order, from the most traffic generating to the least.

The report contains data on the total number of keywords on the page, the number of shares on Facebook and the amount of traffic per page.

Use the data to discover the top pages for the relevant keywords.

Find out which pages have the most links

Analyze a competitor's domain to find out which pages go viral and get the most backlinks.

Determine which pages a competitor is building links to. This will allow you to emulate their strategies and improve your results.

Tasks that can be solved with Serpstat to find top pages of competitors

Search for the most relevant online competitors
Determine the top pages of competitor sites to track niche trends. Find the competitors' most popular products and services
Compare competitors' pages to find the best keywords to add to your semantic core
Search for pages with the most backlinks to create an effective backlink building strategy
The largest Google SERP data and own link index:

Serpstat Key Benefits

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Find relevant competitors in SERP, determine the top pages of their sites and integrate competitors' ideas into your project.

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Define the competitor's top pages with Serpstat

FAQ. Common questions about finding top pages of competitors

1. How to check competitors’ most viewed pages?

In order to check the most viewed competitors’ pages, you need to use a specialized tool such as Serpstat. Enter a competitor's domain in the search bar, click the search button, then go to domain analysis → Top Pages.
You'll get a list of pages with the bulk of keywords used by that domain for ranking in the top-100 Google. In addition, the report contains data on the number of Facebook shares, and an indicator of the estimated traffic per page from SERPs.
Competitor page analysis can be used to determine the best-selling products and services of a competitor, and collect the top page keywords to integrate into your projects.

2. How to detect keywords on a competitor's page?

Enter a competitor's site on the SEO Keywords page. You'll see a detailed list of competitor’ keywords they use to rank in the top-100 organic Google SERPs.
The table displays difficulty, frequency, rank, traffic, cost, competition in PPC, as well as the total number of results for the key search query.

3. How to outline pages for competitor's site promotion?

In order to determine which pages a competitor is using for promotion in search engines, use Serpstat's Top Pages. Get a list of pages that rank for the most keywords in Google's top-100.
Use this data to find out what total traffic the same keywords will bring to your site if you create similar pages or improve existing ones.

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