SEO-copywriting: check-list for compiling specifications

SEO copywriting: a checklist for drawing up a technical specification A ready-made checklist for creating a technical assignment for a copywriter will help you get a predictable result in SEO. Leave a request to get test access to this and other checklists to track progress on SEO projects and organize work in the To Do List tool from Serpstat.

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1.Uniqueness requirements
It should be >90
Lower uniqueness is of little use for sites. Learn more
2. Unify the font
Make sure only one font is used throughout the text.
3. Get rid of over-spam
Check the repetition of words on special online-services.
4. Eliminate unnecessary words
They are determined during proofreading. These are "harmful" words that should not be overused or appear in texts (gobbledygook, adjectives, pronouns, excessive use of "you" and "we," general phrases).
5. Specify the type of text
For example, a product card, online store category, press release, post on social networks, etc. Otherwise, it will be unclear what the text is for.
6. Specify the style
In the specifications, this point can be as follows: "Write a text with humor / in the form of instructions / in scientific style.
7. Indicate the purpose of the text
This point can be provided separately or included in the previous one.Separately ‒‒ if there is a lot of information, for example, the purpose: "To inform the reader about our offer, rank up the page in the search results, promote the brand.
8. Write down the outline of the article
In specifications, it is important to indicate which thematic parts should be present in the text.
9. Specify the word count
You can use the online-services to find out how long your text should be. It automatically analyzes your search results and recommends the best format for each type of text.
10. Specify the formatting requirements
Any text that contains more than 700-800 characters should be divided into blocks. Above each block, a subheading H2-H6 is needed. The text should include bulleted lists, tables, and bold paragraphs. This improves the perception of the text and increases its ranking in search results!
11. Specify keywords and subject words.

  • Keywords can be generated using Serpstat.

  • Subject words via Serpstat, or related Google requests.
12. Specify H1-H6 heading requirements
The most important one, H1, should contain the main keyword as close to the direct entry as possible. In subheadings H2 and beyond, there must be a diluted main keyword or similar phrases.
13. Indicate the requirements for images
It is good if they are unique or downloaded from paid or free stock sites.
14.Specify how to increase the text's expertise
In specifications, provide practical recommendations for the copywriter, examples, and links to quality articles on the topic of interest. Point out what can be of "additional value" in the text: a test, a survey, a reference table, etc.
Analyze the position in search results regularly, refining texts, improving, and experimenting. You should conduct content audits and monitor the situation at least once every six months.

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