Discover who is linking to your site

Collect all pages containing links to your site in a few clicks. Analyze the link mass growth dynamics, anchors and the domains' geography of the links. Optimize the link mass of your site and bring it to the top SERPs.
Define how trusted a site is for search engines based on the volume of backlinks, simply enter the domain in the search bar.

Domain trust check

Find out what level of link trust your site has by checking the SDR (Serpstat Domain Rank), an authority indicator based on the number of sites linking to the desired domain.

The higher the SDR, the better the influence of the domain on the sites linked.

Check your link donors before placing a link and control your indicators.

Evaluate link mass growth dynamics

The link mass should grow evenly so that the search engines identify its growth as organic. Evaluate your backlink profile or your competitors' to see if there have been periods of abnormal link growth or decline. It is crucial to know how many active backlinks a site has and what quality they are.

If you want to know in which periods a competitor is developing the backlink mass, as well as to see a backlink growth graph, use the special sections of the Backlink Analysis report.
Report data is updated weekly. Monitor the activities of competitors regularly and be aware of the opportunities introduced by competitors in their projects.
Switch to the Backlinks report in the backlink analysis section.
Analyze the graph by the ratio of backlinks and lost links.

Backlink anchor analysis

Spammy and inappropriate backlink anchors can be negatively perceived by search engines. Collect a list of "bad" anchors using the Backlink Anchors report.
Get a list of anchor keywords.
Filter keywords by the number of words, as well as the number of referring domains and pages.
Remove all non-targeted and spammy anchors to avoid search engine penalties.

Backlink map analysis

Use the domain zones map to analyze the distribution of referring domains by top-level domain zones. This analysis will help you adjust your backlink building to focus on the right region.
Go to the Summary Report in the Backlink Analysis tool.
Scroll t to the domain zones map section and find out which regions generate the most backlinks.
Check backlinks from non-targeted regions for quality to avoid filters for spammy links.

Check pages with the most backlinks

Determine which pages are getting the most backlinks and correlate that with your backlink strategy. Are links to top pages really growing?

Use the Top Pages report: it will show which domain pages have the most backlinks.
By analyzing a competitor this way, you will find highly linked top pages on other resources. Prepare related content and get an additional backlink profile boost.

Page rankings can also be analyzed in terms of Facebook shares and estimated traffic. Determine which pages have the most backlinks and optimize them first.
Go to the Page Analysis tool and switch to the Top Pages section.
Get an expanded list of pages with the most backlinks.

Check the quality of backlinks

High quality of backlinks showing regular growth indicates that the site is developing, and trusty sources link to it.

Determine the backlink quality of your site and your competitors' using Serpstat's Backlink Analysis tool.

SDR is a measure of domain trust on a scale from 0 to 100. The trust level depends on the number of sites that link to the domain, and the number of sites that link to those linking sites. The indicator is updated monthly and it analyzes all sites in the index that link to the analyzed domain.

Tasks that can be solved by analyzing the backlink profile with Serpstat

Evaluate domain trust with Serpstat Domain Rank to assess the quality of a donor site or track your backlink progress
Monitor the link mass growth dynamics for smooth growth and timely response to lost backlinks
Analysis of backlink anchors, search for spammy and non-target anchors
Evaluate a backlink domain zone map to promote in target regions and with the help of quality links
Find top pages with the most backlinks and adjust your backlink building strategy accordingly
The largest Google SERP data and own link index:

Serpstat Key Benefits

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referring domains
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Control and manage backlinks: find domains linking to your site, analyze their quality and trustworthiness, explore anchors, collect lists of top pages. Access a ready-made set of tools to check the backlinks to your site and optimally develop a backlink profile.

Learn more about the possibilities of the link building platform in a free 30-minute consultation.

Detect all pages linking to your site with Serpstat

FAQ. Common questions about backlink profile analysis

1. How to check backlinks to your site?

To promote a site in the SERPs, it must be trustworthy. Search bots evaluate authority according to the number of high quality backlinks. A backlink building strategy will bring you quantitative and qualitative backlinks. The first step is checking for existing backlinks to the site by using the Backlink analysis tool to see the Backlinks to your site.
Enter the domain in the tool’s search bar and run the analysis. It will return a list of pages from scratch that contain links to your site. Review the information about the backlink type, the date it was discovered by the crawler, and the page this backlink leads to.

2. How to find out all the links to the site?

To collect all the links that lead to your site, you need to use an SEO tool like Serpstat.

The tool allows you to analyze a domain and collect all pages from other sites that contain links to it including spam and non-targeted links which should be carefully checked and, if possible, removed.

If the service does not display some of your backlinks, you can stimulate the crawler and suggest information to check. Use the URL Submission tool for this. It allows you to update information on a backlink profile of 500 URLs per day, make changes to the backlink profile and receive a report on recent changes. Use the data to create a backlink building strategy.

3. Which tool will help to find backlinks to a site?

Serpstat will help you find all competitor’s links. After analyzing the content, anchors and pages that the donor links to, you can determine whether the backlink is organic or artificial. Depending on the competitive analysis, you will be able to decide whether to place links from a particular donor.

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