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Organic keywords

7 197
2 820
3 047
3 278
Keyword Pos Volume CPC $
adidas 1 3 350 000 0.15
addidas 1 3 350 000 0.16
adida shoe 1 368 000 0.49
adidas shoes 1 301 000 0.42
adidas zx flux 1 135 000 0.39
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Ads keywords

Keyword Volume CPC $
adidas 3 350 000 0.19
addidas 3 350 000 0.16
adi da s 2 240 000 0.13
adida shoe 368 000 0.49
adidas superstar 135 000 0.66
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Keyword Position Distribution

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Visibility Trend

Maximum number: Feb 17, 2017
Minimum number: Oct 14, 2016

Keywords Trend

Maximum number: Sep 22, 2017
317 775
Minimum number: Sep 29, 2016
94 710

Pages with the highest visibility

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Competitors in organic search

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Competitors graph

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Competitors in ads

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Ads examples

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Backlinks overview

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