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How to sell the website and where it can be done

The resource with the accumulated traffic and weight is more attractive to advertisers in comparison with new ones. Before selling the website, the owner needs to be prepared for this process: quantify all present strengths, make the website description, calculate project cost, and only then select the platform for profitable selling.
There are different types of websites on the Internet. For example, the online stores that are meant as a tool of the goods sale or the business-cards websites that have the purpose of the provision of information on the company. Such online platforms involve clients to make calls and also to visit the corresponding offline shops, restaurants, beauty shops, etc.

The informational platforms which are not tied to specific business are a class of its own among all known digital resources on the Internet. For example, news portal, thematic forum, blog, etc. In this case, the owner of the website gains the main income from advertising, which cost depends on the audience of the portal.

The website popularity among users paired with the attractiveness of the online resource for advertisers is a result of the put efforts into the project, spent time, and the funds for the promotion and other necessary procedures to be done.

The website with the accumulated traffic and weight has its age. All the peculiarities and characteristics the website has is the way to get passive income . So any resource for its owner is a business object which can be bought or sold. The market of the willing sellers to put up the ready website for sale differs from the process of average offline business purchase and sale process a little.
How to sell a site and why it is necessary

The reasons to sell the websites

There are several overspread causes why owners make a decision to sell the website. Let's highlight the main of them:
A decision to close down the business. The site owner changes a field of his activity, moves to another city or the country, stops all online trading operations to run the physical shops for sales.
There is not enough time to spend it on the website development and promotional campaigns running. For example, the owner has some more resources and decides to pay attention to a more profitable project, having put the online platform away.
A financial aspect is the main purpose of the site owner follows. In this case, the website is a valuable object, and its sale will bring benefit to the owner. The warmed-up web resource can have a high cost.
The website was made with only one goal – to be sold in advance. Some web developers and SEO specialists create and promote all new websites first, then try to resell them as profitable as it could be.

Selling domains and sites procedure. What is the difference?

Selling Sites

The finished site has its own design, structure, paired with its own age and weight in organic search.

If the potential buyer is close to the subject matter of the site, its functionality, other visible options, and this willing purchaser does not want to spend time and effort promoting the web project from scratch, the purchase of the finished site can be a good option. The seller is compensated for a large amount of work done, and the buyer gets a resource with content and rating that can generate passive income from the very beginning.

The site for sale comes complete with the domain because the pages if the online project of interest and URLs have a developed rating and link mass.

Selling domains process which is run separately from sites occurs when the resource itself is not valuable to the buyer, but its domain may be useful to another owner. It happens when the domain of the online platform corresponds to the theme of the site and has its own significant history. Moreover, search engines consider old domains as more authoritative and trusted than newly created ones. It is one more reason to purchase a domain separately.

How to Sell a Site

There are several options for selling a web resource. For example:

  • a specialized exchange;
  • a section of the popular market place;
  • a forum of webmasters.

The sale of the site can be carried out at a fixed price or in the auction format.

Selling Domains

A domain is the unique name of an Internet resource needed to identify and search for it. When creating a site, business owners usually want its address to correspond to the theme, the name of the brand, preferably to be short and memorable.

However, a suitable domain name has been often already used, and selection a similar free domain in another zone (.com, .biz, .org) is not available.

To get the suitable name of the site, you can search for offers among those wishing to sell the domain purchasers. Often owners who put the domain up for sale have a low-activity site and outdated content. Such a category of people does not aspire to change something in there left online project.
Domain selling: what is it and why

How to Sell a Domain

Domains are often sold on an auction basis. For example, those who want to sell a domain in the USA can use the American domain names for exchange or visit a specialized forum to run the auction.

Where to sell the website? An optional platform selection

All interested buyers and purchasers have the special online space on the Internet where all of them could get the desired results – ones are trying to sell their project there, while others aspire to buy interesting variants rationally-priced. Let's review the most reliable platforms that provide an opportunity to buy and sell websites:

One of the most top-ranking platforms on the Internet. The great quantity of offered websites to sale is a notable feature of the online project provider. Purchasers are able to count on the lowest fees as well.

Besides the websites' buy and sell option, the applications, domains trading is also possible. The Flippa service range also includes financing and broker activities online for platform visitors.
Sites and domains market Flippa


This platform is notable with the affordable price policy and easy navigation capabilities. The costs for the two-week website listing starts with 59 dollars. The company provides all intending purchasers and sellers with the contact telephone numbers. At the same time, it is possible to complete an application online in one of the sections of interest:

  1. Websites for Sale.
  2. Sell Your Website.
Sites market BuySellWebsite.com
This platform is considered as one of the most reliable ones. But at the same time, users could feel the hardship because of bad browsing capability. All the sections of interest are presented at the top of the homepage. It is a separate category for website selling. One more positive feature of WebsiteAcquire.com service range is a cheap listing option (only five dollars for a website listing).
How to buy and sell a site on WebsiteAcquire.com

Factors affecting the price of the site

  1. Site traffic analysis. Visitors are the main indicator of resource value. The more users visit the site every day, and the higher their interest in content, the more weight the site has. It is also important to take into account the number of unique website visitors. Google Analytics is used for suitable statistics.

  2. Site profit. For the buyer, it is important what income from the site he can get. To do this, you need to collect data for a certain period of time, for example, a month. If income is unstable, depending on seasonality and other factors, you can provide a total for the year or an average for the month.

  3. Technical quality parameters. In order to form a complete general picture, the number of indexed pages and the presence of technical errors should be taken into account. This information can be obtained, for example, from Google Search Console or in the Site Audit section of Serpstat.

  4. Domain name and age. The age of the domain plays a significant role in a selling price forming. The presence of a keyword reflecting the main activity of the company in the domain name is a bonus that significantly affects the final price (of course, propitiously).

  5. Reputation of the resource, its rating. It is important for the buyer that the site is not sanctioned by search engines. The resource that is under some restrictions or got under some filters will be cheaper.

  6. Site design. If the website's visual appearance was designed perfectly by the team of owner's developers, the price for the project should be increased for sure. So the esthetic side is a must-have.

  7. Mobile version. If there were attachments for smartphones, it is also worth taking into account. The purchaser will be glad to pay more for the adaptive website version.

  8. The main concept of correspondence. The more popular a chosen direction of the site among users, the more volume of traffic is. As a result, the marketing potential of the site is increasing, the cost of online project is growing proportionally.

  9. Unique content. Before selling, it is worth indicating the quality of the resource content. If content is copied from other sites, it can lead to search engine sanctions. Such a feature significantly devalues the resource.


The sites buy and sell process is a common phenomenon, and the number of such offers is growing together with the development of the Internet. The basis of a successful transaction is a competitive analysis of the resource, assessment of its cost, and selection of the corresponding site.

Today there is a big number of exchanges and platforms that offer a wide selection of sites on different topics and conditions for a safe deal.

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