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How to make up the semi-annual SEO plan with promotion strategy

The first results of SEO promotion campaign are noticeable only in several months after the first steps were done. The decision to correct the website promotion plan is reasonable only after the results analysis. Therefore, the ground plan for SEO promotion is usually made up for 6 months.

What is the plan for SEO campaign necessary for?

  • You will get the accurate sequence of operations and tasks to realize;

  • you leave nothing out of account;

  • you will control the situation with knowledge that is necessary to do. The already completed tasks also will be underfoot;

  • you will save a lot of time in the future;

  • you will create an efficient promotion algorithm for the successful execution of the follow-up projects.

To plan the website strategy for a period of more than half a year is not reasonable. Six months is the optimal term for your efficient planning because long-lasting variants will not give you opportunity to foresee the competitors' activity. It is worth noticing that the promotional algorithms are regularly changed in search engines too. Therefore, be ready that SEO plan will be corrected repeatedly along the line.

Where to begin? Let's pay attention to the key stages of the website promotion. We also take a look at the SEO optimization sequence.

General website analysis and technical audit

It is necessary to be clear about the running status of the web analytics tools. If the website was not connected to Google Analytics and Search Console beforehand, it must immediately be done. Check the website indexing option. Decide what can be refined in the template you have and take an assessment of the resource usability.

The careful analysis of the competitors' websites should be done at this stage of SEO optimization. For this purpose:
Type the queries (all types, including long-tail, middle and head ones) into the search engines to see which page your resource is shown on. It is possible to use the domain analysis by Serpstat service to gain some time. The service will show the quantity of key phrases by which the website is ranged. Additionally, the information about search results of the online resource also will be available.
Analyze a usability of the top-ranking websites (pay attention to the resources in TOP-5) and note the key points that need to be added or changed in your own project. For example, if competitors have the option of queries sorting, you should practice the same.
Carry out competitors' system analytics procedures by means of special services. This way you should define the number of key queries, link mass volume, resource structure, aging aspect, and approximate website traffic.
Check mirror-site and https-certificate availability.
Verify that the hosting works correctly, operates without any failures.
This stage is notable with the total work scope verification. The webmaster's team is able to plan a range of tasks to cope with. It is important to define if there is the necessity to change or improve CMS or the ready template.

Website structure forming according to the semantic kernel aspect

If there was a certain website structure up to this point, it would be extremely unreasonable just to evolve it. You needn't to please the consumer if he has his own vision of the website structure.

This stage of SEO promotion campaign has only one effective recipe and it is meant to make up the full-fledged semantic kernel from the very beginning. Then parsing and queries clustering process are carried out. The next step is to apportion all the queries both on the existing landing pages and newly created ones.

In other words, the structure needs to be discussed and coordinated with the semantic kernel. If the consumer is against recommended new structure, it is necessary to warn him about some queries would stay on the same positions and would not move upward in the search.

It is necessary to be ready for the long and labor-intensive process. The promo site may contain only several dozens of key phrases, while the online store should be promoted through hundred thousands of queries. Where to take them from?
Search engines hints.
Google Analytics.
Key phrases selection tool in Serpstat.
Competitors' queries.
Special-purpose bases.
The semantic kernel will be helpful for you not only for structure creation but also for metatags formation, relinking process, and external website optimization. If you understand that your website will contain many queries, it is better to divide all information into sections, then on categories and subcategories as well. You will be able to gain the semantic kernel in parallel with other promotion operations to be done.

Pay attention to the question of clustering. If you, for example, type the query in the search box "to buy lamps for living room", then you will receive a certain list of the websites:
Google's search results page
To gain the high positions in the search results, it is necessary to purge queries on your different landing pages. It means that similar queries should be presented only on one page. It is better to use each long-tail query separately. The online stores' owners have to focus their attention on this aspect because it is the key feature for the e-commerce website SEO campaign where flypage promotes through the concrete query.

It should be noticed that we are going to place the queries "buy lamps for living-room" and "buy the table-lamp online" on different pages. If your website does not contain pages under certain categories and sections, then it will be rational to create them. Expand your semantic kernel in compliance with the range of goods you have. The more queries you have, the more opportunities to increase the number of website visitors you gain.

Manual key distribution process when there are more than dozens of thousands of key phrases to deal with can take a lot of time. Therefore, it is possible to use the Clustering in Serpstat to make the process automotive. This tool unites similar phrases, using the user's parameters: Soft or Hard Clustering, Weak or Strong phrases correlations.

The pure semantics is gained after the operation is done. Users get the existing pages indication and recommendations which ones should be added according to the gathered queries.

One more key point of the website promotion is to create landing pages for each region of interest. For example, "table-lamps Washington", "lamps for the living room Chicago", etc.

Internal optimization process

Analyze all actual metatags, run the duplication check, sum up the situation with the website structure. The technical audit by means of SEO services will be suitable for these purposes. Pay your focused attention to such moments:
Metatags formation on the basis of created templates for all categories, sections and other connective landing pages.
Check out procedure the headings hierarchy (hierarchy of header files), their doubles and proper spelling of phrases.
Creation of the page addresses that are well-understandable to netizens. The software numerical control should be meant as the process excluding accidental figures and symbols in the address line.
Check out procedure of pages downloading rate, server-side response verification.
The website map in the XML and robots.txt file availability.
Pagination pages, multilingualism in the presence of several language versions.
The micro-sized markup creation.
Innerlinking organization for the search robot and the user as well. It is possible to create categories relinking by means of scripts usage.
Check out procedure to identify dead links, iterative references and validation errors.
Check out procedure to identify other mistakes discovered by SEO services.

External optimization process

It is the most necessary stage if you work on the competitive project. And it does not matter which subject the website has. External optimization is meant as a necessary process in the SEO campaign and it resides in the external link building gained from authoritative sources only. As much as possible donors should refer to your website. It is necessary to do it gradually, creating text content with key queries.

Use informal sources like forums and comments and reach out to the link exchange market. Try to cooperate with websites owners who are also able to refer to your resource. It is the regular hard work which holds sway. It is notable that the biggest number of external links is usually created within the first months.


SEO algorithms are regularly updated and partially differ depending on the search engines. Webmasters need to follow these updates regularly and change the promotion strategy well-timed.

It is possible to highlight 9 main website promotion stages:
Detailed website analysis, its comparison with competitors, usability characterization.
Semantics gathering, the full-fledged semantic kernel forming.
The gathered queries clustering process, the procedure of queries sorting by categories, flypages and other aspects.
New landing pages creation and their search linking.
Technical aspect, check out procedure of pages downloading rate.
The internal link mass distribution, interlinking procedure.
Work with content, key queries addition on all pages, according to the plan.
The link building with the help of external data sources, authoritative donors attraction.
SMM and YouTube promotion.
When the SEO-plan is coordinated with a consumer, it is high time to make up the list of tasks by month. The order of plan items and other details depend on the website to promote. The consumer's requirements and wishes, budget for SEO campaign, the range of queries to work with, website technical condition paired with the competitors' activity are also necessary aspects to take into account.

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