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How to get customer feedback

Before taking the offer of the company, most of the potential customers want to read reviews about it. For effective promotion of the brand, it is necessary to collect customer feedback actively and respond to them in a timely manner.

Why customer reviews are important for business

Customer feedback has a strong influence on business performance, increasing conversion, and creating a positive brand reputation. It is important to receive as much positive feedback as possible and respond to negative ones in time. Another positive aspect for SEO: reviews are content, that makes the product description page unique.

Research conducted in 2018 by ReviewTrackers revealed the following patterns:

  • 94% of Internet users say that negative reviews convinced them to refuse services or products of any company;
  • 63% of potential customers say that they are most likely to get feedback on it from Google before contacting the company;
  • 53% of consumers believe that the company is obliged to respond to their negative reviews during the week, but 63% still do not receive comments from the brand;
  • 80% of consumers claim to trust companies with a rating of at least four out of five stars;
  • customers often leave feedback in case of negative experience (34%) than positive (28%);
  • the average rating of organizations varies from 3.87 stars in education to 4.53 in insurance.

How to get customer feedback

The main thing that needs to be done is to motivate the customer in any way to leave a review. Most effectively to use multiple channels of receiving reviews at the same time. You can use the following options:

  • add a feedback form to the website with the inscription that it is very important for the company to receive customer comments on the quality of its work. You can also broadcast reviews about the brand, received in social networks. New customers will be interested in getting acquainted with the comments on the work of the company. It is desirable that the reviews can add photos and videos;

  • publish in social networks "Reviews of our customers" with a unique hashtag, for example, #reviews_about_company_name:
Clients' reviews in Instagram
  • send an e-mail with a request to provide feedback to customers who have recently used the services of the organization. It is important to ask for it in a non-trivial way, and also to offer the customer some benefit — a discount on the next purchase or a small gift;

  • ask customers to leave feedback using a phone call;

  • use trigger mailings for the resource — set up an auto-answer after placing the order with the information that you can get a certain bonus for the feedback;

  • announce a competition for the best review with a valuable prize for the winner:
Best review contest
  • arrange a lottery among customers who have left a review — in this case the winner is automatically selected using a random number generator;

  • offer crediting a small amount to the mobile account or card customers, who posted a review of the company's work on the popular resource with feedbacks. Then you need to provide links to customer reviews on the page with your own website feedbacks.

How to respond to customer reviews

In order for clients to understand that companies really appreciate their opinion, it is necessary to promptly publish responses to reviews, regardless of their emotional coloring. It is necessary to answer as quickly as possible, the deadline is seven days.

A good answer would be a detailed individual response to the client instead of the template one.

An example of a response to positive feedback, which can be used as a template:
Response to a positive review example
An example of a response to a negative review:
Response to a negative review example
Examples of responses to reviews show that more attention is paid to the negative one. Ten users indicated a negative review useful, and only two appreciated the positive comment.

How to add the ability to leave feedback on the website

Most content management systems contain built-in solutions for adding feedback, but it's better to use more usability-optimal options, such as special modules, plugins or online services.

WordPress Feedback Plugins

An easy-to-use WordPress reviews plugin allows you to add reviews to the sidebar of the resource as a widget. Plugin functionality:

  • You can add reviews to the desired page using an automatically generated code;

  • you can add photos to reviews;

  • the plugin allows you to display a random review or show a slideshow of reviews;

  • the plugin uses JSON-LD markup, so reviews are correctly displayed in search results.
WordPress reviews plugin Easy Testimonials
The plugin supports the following features:

  • setting in the administrative panel of all properties;
  • pagination buttons;
  • product ratings in the stars;
  • the ability to create your own template;
  • new filters.
WordPress review plugin Testimonial Rotator

OpenCart Modules

  • compatible with Opencart versions and higher;
  • the feedback indicates the date, the name of the author, the rating and the text of the customer comment;
  • you can display the desired number of reviews;
  • it is possible to sort reviews in the desired order: arbitrary or alphabetical.
OpenCart Customer Reviews module
  • has Russian and English versions of the interface;
  • allows you to add a link to the author's review;
  • there is a pop-up notification about the publication of a review;
  • displays the response to customer feedback from the administration.
OpenCart Store reviews module


Work with business reviews is as important as quality service. Thanks to the feedback, a positive reputation of the brand is formed, the company demonstrates customer care and takes responsibility for solving the problems that arise.

It is important to collect feedback in various ways and respond to them in a timely manner. A timely and detailed response to the negative review will help maintain the company's reputation in the eyes of potential buyers, and the response to a positive customer review may increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.

It is better to get a negative review and work it out by publicly offering assistance to an unsatisfied customer, rather than not having any feedback at all.

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