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How to get a discount or even free access to all Serpstat features

How to get a discount or even free access to all Serpstat features 16261788071002
How to get a discount or even free access to all Serpstat features 16261788071003
Mariia Vasylieva
Customer Support Specialist at Serpstat
A lot of users ask us if it is possible to get a discount to the Serpstat service. Here you'll find 5 ways on how to get a great discount or even free access to Serpstat. In this article I'm going to tell you about all the methods mentioned there in more detail. ;)


Long-term subscription discounts

We have 4 different plans, starting with Lite Plan that costs $69 per month and ending with Enterprise Plan that is $499 per month. All plans are divided into 2 groups according to the amount of data the user needs to process: "personal" and "business".

But, you can buy each plan for a longer period than a month. I think that everyone knows how it works: the longer period you buy, the better discount you get. So that the size of the discount depends on the period you choose. Let's look at how this works:

  • If you buy a pricing plan for 3 months, you get 5% discount.
  • 6 months mean 10% discount.
  • 12 months bring you 20% discount.
Special anniversary gift 7.5 years together
Serpstat celebrates its anniversary and we could not leave you without a gift! This offer is valid from August, 17 till August, 31.

What we offer:
  1. An additional discount of 7.5% to our standard discounts.
5% 12.5% for 3 months
10% 17.5% for 6 months
20% 27.5% for 12 months
Find out more about our offer here

2. 50% discount if you have a Lifetime plan. You can find more details about the offer here.


Affiliate program

Earn money whenever someone joins Serpstat by following your referral link. You can withdraw your funds received via affiliate program to your PayPal/Webmoney account or pay for your Serpstat subscription with an impressive discount.
Benefits of our affiliate program:
Recurring Income
It means that once someone buys a subscription to our tool via your referral link, you'll get a commission each time he/she renews the subscription.
High-interest rates
The more people buy Serpstat subscription via your referral link, the higher your rate of payout to your Bonus Account is:

  • 1+ payments — 10%
  • 6+ payments — 20%
  • 20+ payments — 30%
Renew your Serpstat subscription on better terms
If you decide to renew your Serpstat subscription with funds earned via Affiliate Program, this money will be multiplied by 1.5. That means that if you have $50 in your Bonus Account, we'll count them as $75 when paying for your subscription.
How to get a discount or even free access to all Serpstat features 16261788071004
Detailed statistics
You can track the statistics of registrations and payments made via your referral link on the Affiliate program page.
How to get a discount or even free access to all Serpstat features 16261788071005
Remember that you cannot:

  • Buy a Serpstat subscription via your referral link;
  • Run a PPC campaign for queries that include keywords "Serpstat" or "Prodvigator" to advertise your referral link;
  • Spam your referral link on forums, communities, social media websites and in newsletters;
  • Advertise Serpstat's discounts as your own;
  • Mislead users by providing false information about the service.
Personal demonstration
Our specialists will contact you and discuss options for further work. These may include a personal demonstration, a trial period, comprehensive training articles, webinar recordings, and custom advice from a Serpstat specialist. It is our goal to make you feel comfortable while using Serpstat.


How To Submit A Guest Post To Serpstat Blog?

If you want to promote your company and share your experience with thousands of readers then it will be interesting for you to place a guest post on the Serpstat blog.

You can read the rules and requirements in our article. Our team will be happy to review your case and cooperate.:)
How To Become A Serpstat Partner Or Blog Expert: 8 Ways To Collaborate With Us



Join us on social media to follow our service updates and new blog posts. And you will be able to see information on how to get the plan for free or at a discount.


Educational programs

We are open for cooperation with digital marketing courses. Contact us to get free access to Serpstat both for lecturers and students. We provide our educational partners with:

1. Student accounts
We provide free access to the service (all tools of Serpstat) for all students for the duration of studies.

2. Lecturer account
Partner education center get free account to all tools for the duration of studies.

3. Referral payment
Each student automatically becomes participant of our affiliate program and brings up to 30% of profit to the education center after each first payment.

4. Webinar from Serpstat
Our specialists will hold a webinar on full Serpstat functionality for all partner education center students.

5. Individual support
We provide the lecturer with the individual support of our Customer Success expert.

6. Info collaboration
We publish info about our partners and their educational program in our media platforms.

Choose any method you like and start saving your money. If you have questions about any of them, feel free to ask them in the comments under this article or contact our Customer Success team.

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