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How to find content modules specific to a topic

It is important to use a variety of content that promotes the effective promotion of the site and increase visitor loyalty. In order to choose the necessary content modules for your subject, you should study the resources of competitors in the TOP-10.

Competitor Content Analysis

The key condition for successful promotion of not only informational but also commercial sites is quality content. According to studies, 84% of Internet users expect brands to create content. To find out which content modules are preferable to use on your own site, you need to study the resources of competitors in the TOP-10 search engines.

Consider as an example the selection of content modules suitable for news portals. You can get a list of competitors on a topic of interest in a particular region using Serpstat. Let's enter the query «news», select the region «Russia», the Google search engine and click on «Search»:
Search competitors in Serpstat
We will receive a report, which will indicate the pages of the TOP-10 sites issued by Google for the request «News»:
Top competitors in Serpstat
We will study these websites and create a list of necessary content modules for the news portal:
Comments to articles.
Video player.
Ratings of popular articles – "Most Commented", "Readers' Choice".
Thematically related posts – "Read as well".
Next, we will consider in detail the content modules that are relevant for websites of various subjects and also describe how to add these extensions to the website depending on the CMS used.

Comments, reviews, and overview on the website

Comments are a universal module required on any resource. On the news portals, such an extension is especially in demand, while the functionality of the module can allow you to rank comments by date added and popularity, use authorization using social networks, put likes and dislikes to commentators:
Comment module on the website
For online stores, use feedback modules, which are especially important for the following reasons:

You can leave a review in most online stores indicating the rating of goods from one to five stars. In the reviews, you can add the name and avatar of the buyer, the characteristics of the purchased goods, for example, the size and color of the photo:
reviews on the online store
The review module allows you to more accurately and visually evaluate the list of characteristics of an individual element, as well as form a rating of goods of one group. In this example, each product is assigned a total score, which is calculated as the arithmetic average of four evaluations of the indicated product properties.

Implementation in WordPress

For WordPress websites, you can add user comments via social networks using the free Super Socializer plugin:
Wordpress comment plugin - super socializer
The plugin is actively updated by developers, installed over 60 thousand times and is suitable for WordPress version 2.5.0 or higher. After installing the plugin on the website, you can leave comments using authorization in a convenient social network. The plugin will display the date, time, name and photo of the commentator. The tool also allows you to create tree comments:
Comments on WordPress articles
Reviews for WordPress websites can be added using the Site Reviews plugin:
Site reviews - reviews plugin for wordpress
The main characteristics of the plugin:

  • allows users to rate from one to five stars;
  • works on WordPress versions 4.7.0 and higher;
  • contains spam protection and pagination;
  • supports the Russian language;
  • suitable for multilingual websites.

Implementation in OpenCart

In OpenCart store reviews are added using this module:
The module reviews in Opencart
The "Reviews" module for OpenCart allows you to:

  • rate online store and website;
  • add clarifications about exactly what you liked or not;
  • respond on behalf of the store;
  • send notifications to the author of the feedback that he answered;
  • automatically send buyers an offer to leave feedback.

The module of reviews OpenCart SG Reviews Pro v1.0 allows you to create advanced reviews and ratings on the website:
Module product reviews for OpenCart
Using this reviews module in OpenCart, you can:

  • create your own response fields and ratings for certain characteristics of the goods;
  • set the required number of stars in the ratings;
  • use your pictures of stars;
  • display products for which it is recommended to leave reviews in the personal account of the buyer.

Adding video player to the website

Video content is important on the website of any subject for the following reasons:

  • adding a video to the website can increase organic traffic by up to 157%;
  • users spend twice as much time on websites with video content;
  • videos repost in social networks by 1200% more often than other types of content.

For news portals, video content can be used in conjunction with an article on this topic. When you go to the article below, this video site displays a video player with a report:

Implementation in WordPress

In WordPress, the most popular ways to add a video to a site are to paste content from a video hosting or upload your own video. For this purpose, you can install the video player for WordPress WP Video Lightbox:
WordPress Video Player Plugin
The plugin allows you to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo onto your website, add slide shows, launch a video on the page automatically, optimize SEO thumbnails of videos.

Implementation in OpenCart

About 64% of users are more likely to buy the product after watching its video review, so you should expand the standard description of the product by adding a demo video. For websites on OpenCart, a convenient solution is the "Video on product page" module:
Video player module for OpenCart

Popular posts or products in the online store

News portals and blogs often use modules that list the most popular or commented publications:
most popular articles on the website
Such modules increase the duration of the sessions on the site, thereby forming good behavioral factors contributing to the promotion of the project.

In online stores place modules "Popular goods" to display products that are most actively ordered on the site. Also, modules with recommendations are used to familiarize yourself with similar products or products that other users have bought (upsells and cross-sales). Such tools allow you to increase the conversion and the amount of the average check. This online store uses several modules simultaneously.

Products of the same series:
Related products in the online store
Similar products:
Products of the same series in the online store
Other customers also bought:
Other customers also bought

Implementation in WordPress

To display popular posts on WordPress sites, you can install and activate WordPressPopular Posts plugin:
WordPress Popular Posts Plugin
It allows:

  • use several widgets of popular posts with individual settings in different places of the website;
  • set the time range - the period for which the most popular posts are determined. For example, the last day, week or month;
  • display miniature of posts;
  • set the options for sorting popular posts - according to the number of comments, the total or an average number of views per day.
  • display post ratings by readers.

Implementation in OpenCart

In OpenCart, similar products can be enabled using a special module. It automatically displays products with attributes that are as close as possible to a product opened by the user.

Another alternative to similar OpenCart products is Popular Products. The module shows the most popular products in the store by the number of views:


Content modules are selected by analyzing the websites of competitors, which occupy a leading position in insurance. However, there are the most popular modules that are used on most sites.
On the information portals use:

  • tree comments on posts;
  • video player for displaying your own or downloadable content from video hosting sites;
  • blocks with the most popular, commented and thematically related articles.
On commercial websites use:

  • reviews to add information about the impressions of customers from the goods, services or company;
  • reviews with detailed ratings of goods or services on the list of specified parameters;
  • demo video.

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