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How to create the website promotional strategy

Creation of website promotional strategy is the real way of goals achievement for the long-term period. Websites promotion without drawing up the current strategy leads to inefficient expenditure of the budget, loss of time and the absence of the necessary results.

The reasons for the SEO-strategy creation

The website promotional strategy is considered as the detailed plan drawing up procedure based on the specific website features assumption. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the achievement of success in the promotional campaign — for various subjects the algorithm of actions will differ.

Therefore, before the process of the complex website promotion starts it is necessary to carry out the analysis both of the own project and competitors' ones. Then it is important to set the goals and to designate means in the furtherance of these purposes.

Goal setting

The variants of the optional aims for the successful Internet website promotion are performed below:

  1. Expansion in the number of sales (gain in sales) — for the commercial websites the most important indicator of the efficient Internet SEO campaign is the maximum level of conversion (when the website visitors convert into the consumers), the return on investments as well. The focused attention is paid for the orders expansion, high marginality level and the average spend sum.

  2. The achievement of highly ranked positions (on certain keywords) — this objective is relevant both for information assets and for e-commerce sites with the purpose to attract more potential consumers;

  3. Increase the quantity of website visitors — such purpose is important for the blogs and entertainment portals promotion. The companies that have no idea which users will be converted into buyers in future also are able to pursue this object.

How to check the efficiency level of the promotion strategy?

Before website promotion takes place, it is necessary to set the needful purposes the current rates are measured. It is possible to get at the result by means of the Google Analytics and Search Console tools. If the website is new, it is necessary to install these digital services, set all the purposes and collect statistics. In the eventuality that the website is old and all necessary web analytics tools have already been installed, the analysis of information should be run.

The number of visitors' checkout with Google Analytics

It is possible to get information about the number of visitors with help of Google Analytics, having specified the period of the interest. The comparison of the certain period rates with the previous ones is available. It is worth noticing that Google Analytics tool makes possible one more capability – information gaining about the dynamic pattern. Data showings are provided on the homepage of a Google Analytics service.
Search queries analysis in Google Search Console
The actual searching systems ranks checkout according to the needful requests with help of Search Console

All the information concerning the search requests (queries) ranking is performed in the flap called "Search requests analysis" provided by the Google Search Console tools.
Search queries conversions in Google Search Console
The way to get information about the conversion aspect for e-commerce websites

To try the individual objections setting options, it is necessary to take into account Google Analytics capabilities. Among the most demandable are the following aspects:

  • statistics about certain pages session;
  • facts about the activity with Shopping cart (as some goods into);
  • ordering options.

It is worth noticing that the flap "Conversion" also includes information about the objectives achieved.
Conversions in Google Analytics
Their conversion rates are also visible here. When all the main preparatory stages in terms of the goal setting procedure and the statistics collection are done, it is high time to start the creation of the website SEO strategy.
Google Analytics conversion rates

The main stages of the website promotion strategy

It is worth noticing that all the process of the strategy creation consists of 6 stages to take into account. They are:

  • the website audition;
  • the competitors' digital products analysis;
  • semantic kernel creation;
  • one kind of the needful strategy selection;
  • internal site optimization;
  • external website optimization.

Website audition

The preparatory stage of the audition includes the website analysis to find the problems to cope with. The main parameters are checked with the web-analytics tools and they are following ones:

  1. Age of domain – the newer website is, the more complicated to promote it;

  2. The availability of the searching systems constraints – any kinds of limitations and searching system filters are able to cause different problems to cope with. The only solution in such situation is to change the domain;

  3. Usage of the secure protocol https – this aspect is very important for the e-commerce sites. But it does not mean that other projects are able to neglect this key feature;

  4. The website usability, the aspect of design quality and media content. The mobile version is very necessary. It is possible to develop the adaptive web design as well – the digital platform should be viewed troubles on all pocket screens.

  5. The quantity of the indextied pages should be taken into account. The absence of any duplicates and html-code errors should be achieved. The parameter of the loading page rate, the server response and robots.txt / sitemap files are checked.

  6. The availability of the unique and suitable meta tags (title, description) for the search request is also necessary.

  7. Adequate H1-H6 titles usage is useful.

  8. The unicity and relevance of the performed texts – all the keywords should be presented, the grammatical and stylistic mistakes should be excluded. Alt attributes for the pictures should be also filled.

  9. Outgoing and inbound links should be included.

The deep inspection could be run with the help of Serpstat service. The full list of the present mistakes and system errors paired with the recommendations to cut out all problems will be available. Tick the button "Website audition" and start audit procedures.
Site audit in Serpstat
The next stage is meant to create the project and to start the analysis. Enter needful data about the domain address and the project title. Then choose the audit type — in a manual way or with the certain frequency.

SEO audit of the site online in Serpstat
The report with the site assessment and the detailed list of mistakes/errors will appear here just after the audition procedure finishes.
SEO analysis of the site in Serpstat
Errors report in Serpstat's site audit
The report also contains all the recommendations about optimal actions to be done.
SEO promotion recommendations in Serpstat

Competitors' analysis and semantic kernel creation

The important stage in terms of the competitors' analysis and the semantic kernel creation allows to assess the current situation the market has and to find a free niche for the successful SEO campaign. The analysis of the competitive websites is carried out like the audit procedure is done. It is the only way to get the maximum information about all real advantages, weak spots and the range of optimal methods of competitors' promotion.

At the same time, it is important to analyze the structure of competitors' resources to understand which aspects they place emphasis on website SEO promotion on. The structure of own project is done on the basis of the analysis results — all sections and subsections of the website are formed then.

It is worth noticing that the search engine results could show the real situation: the needful requests have high competition and top rates all are taken by large portals which will be difficult to be bypassed. The only solution in this case is to promote the website with help of average and low competition requests.

The semantic kernel is created by the means of the gathered data. The requests division into groups takes place. The main aspect of the procedure is the requests frequency. It is worth noticing that showings could differ by reference to the subject type. The most popular (the most demandable one) will be divided this way:

  1. Long-tail query – less than 1000 requests per month;
  2. Mid-frequency ones (middle-sized queries) – 1000-3000 requests;
  3. Head queries – more than 3000.

It should be mentioned that the subject could be rather specific (or the regional narrow direction / limited target audience are asked). In such case the showings will be other ones:

  1. Long-tail query – 1-99 requests;
  2. Mid-frequency ones (middle-sized queries) – 100-800;
  3. Head queries – more than 800.

While the stage of the semantic kernel creation is completed, it is high time to start the SEO strategy forming.

The strategy selection

This stage is possible only under the stipulation that all mentioned above steps were done. The site audition, competitors' analytics, and semantic kernel creation will be helpful for the right strategy selection. It is possible to choose one of the presented variants:
Head queries promotion

Such strategy is relevant only for the well-built up websites which users make mention of. Therefore, in such case is not so important to run the external promotion. It is enough to concentrate on the processes of internal optimization and the analysis of other market outperformers' websites.
Middle-sized queries promotion

This variant will be suitable for rather top-ranking resources which are created long ago but do not take the leading positions at the same time. It is important to pay focused attention to the internal optimization, the question of the qualitative content and the aspect of the references (got out of the reputable thematic resources).

The e-commerce sites promote by categories names in that case. Ne more task for such digital project – to monitor competitors (to provide more favorable price policy and purchasing conditions to push up sales of goods on the website of interest).
Long-tail query promotion

The optimal variant for the new websites or those projects which have SEO budget limitations. It is aimed at target audience involvement – these consumer use while searching for the goods the specific requests only and know exactly what do they want to buy.

The notable feature to take into account – such category of clients is ready to make purchase in the presence of more favorable conditions, than at competitors could offer on other commercial websites. This situation entails the usage of the maximal possible number of the optimized landing pages.
Mixed strategy

The strategy is focused on the users' vast reach. One more purpose to achieve is to attract more potential clients from other audience categories. It will be suitable for the efficient promotion that needs the combination of all mentioned strategies in the article above (all-in-one).

Internal optimization peculiarities

The process of internal optimization plays a major role in the successful website promotion. So it is necessary to pay focused attention to this question. First, all the problems should be found and solved at the very beginning, at the audit stage. Then the work with the semantic kernel is necessary — the process of requests distribution on the landing pages paired with the technical assignment for copywriter drawing up.

The copywriter is responsible for the content creation in order the texts will be easily used for the website filling. The technical assignment should contain the information about:

  • the needful size of texts;
  • requirements to content uniqueness;
  • texts structure;
  • keywords inclusion, etc.

One more important point is the website internal relinking which is meant to redistribute the link juice adequately. When everything is done, it is high time to start the external optimization process.

The key point of the external optimization

External optimization is considered as the important stage of the website SEO campaigns. It is worth noticing that this process the high level of attentiveness – external optimization process should be done carefully to avoid search systems filters (which could happen in case of forced links incrementation).

It is worth paying attention to the selection of qualitative thematic donors, to approve the promotion budget and to choose concrete optimization methods — permanent and rent links, crowd-marketing, social networks links, etc. All the needful amendments in the strategy and the promotion tactics should be inserted well-timed.


To create the optimal website promotion strategy is enough difficult task to cope with. A wide range of procedures should be done to succeed in the website SEO process. Take a note of the following aspects:
Correct goals setting — define it adequately, measure current showings and set the terms for achievement the parameters of your interest.
Website audit – this procedure is meant as the stage when the list of all technical, visual and other issues should be revealed.
The competitors' websites analysis — search for the steps to be done for own website SEO, including the analytical aspect of the competitors' interface elements, information on categories, subcategories, keywords to add. The link mass data collection and the list of the donor websites drawing out should be also done.
The optimal SEO strategy selection - the subject of the website, the promotion budget and desirable terms for goals achievement should be taken into account.
The process of internal optimization – everything should be done on the basis of the revealed problems and the created semantic kernel.
The external optimization - the purchase of permanent and rent links play the important role. Additionally, the necessary stage of external SEO should be done - the analysis of all optimization processes efficiency for website promotion.
If you aspire to compete successfully with top-ranking market representatives which obtain the leading requests on head-query positions for a long term — it is more rational to order SEO services for your website in the reputable web studio or hire the experienced in the questions of promotion freelancer. The subjective value will be performed in each of both cases.

If your business project belongs to the low competitive subject or you do not aspire to expand your client base with help of Internet promotion, you are possible to cope with SEO tasks yourself, constantly studying the peculiarities of Internet-marketing and learning some new pieces of base SEO knowledge.

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