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How to create business accounts in instant messengers

The audience of instant messengers counts billions of active users around the world, and it continues growing rapidly. Messengers offer many business tools for interacting with customers, which should be considered in most niches.

Why do you need to create business accounts in instant messengers

Messengers are software for sending messages online through the Internet. They allow you to transfer various types of data, such as text, photos, videos, voice messages. Also, using instant messengers, you can make standard and video calls, create community chats and video conferences.

According to the VimpelCom assessment, the main audience using instant messengers is aged 25-35, which makes 35% of all users.The number of messenger users around the world:

  • WhatsApp counted a billion active users daily as of July 2017;
  • Facebook Messenger reached 1.3 billion users as of October 2018;
  • Telegram had 200 million active users as of March 2018.

Using business accounts in messengers, you can provide customer support, inform about promo and special offers, offer a convenient search for goods, configure analytics, and accept payments.

Advantages of instant messengers for business

  • Customers change mobile numbers less often than email addresses;
  • thanks to push notifications, more messages are actually read;
  • the use of instant messengers is convenient if the scope of the company involves offline interaction, for example, setting an appointment to a beauty salon, or multiple contacts with the client are needed for clarifications and reminders;
  • unlike SMS-mailing, instant messengers for business open many communication formats, except for text;
  • with the help of instant messengers, you can constantly stay in touch and provide technical support. Unlike phone calls, there is no need to instantly start a conversation;
  • the use of instant messengers for commercial purposes requires lower financial costs than using email and SMS mailings.

What is not available in instant messengers

  • Bulk mailing on behalf of a business account;
  • messengers monitor privacy. Therefore, they don't allow business accounts to write to users first, customers must themselves initiate communication with the company. After that, it will be possible to send messages to the client;
  • using a personal phone number for a business account;
  • information about the phone number of the client who applied;
  • considering that users of instant messengers read through channels mainly using mobile devices, it is advisable not to use too long text messages.

How and why do you need to create a business account on WhatsApp

Currently WhatsApp has developed customer communication tools for small and medium businesses called WhatsApp Business. The tool WhatsApp Business API for larger companies that provide technical support and useful information is still being developed.

So far, the application works in limited mode. Therefore, you must fill out and submit a form that will be reviewed by company representatives to access the capabilities of a business account:
Registration WhatsApp Business API
Let's check out how WhatsApp Business works. At the moment, the application is compatible only with Android. To use the business application on the phone simultaneously with the standard WhatsApp application, it is necessary that they are linked to two different phone numbers. That is, you need a smartphone with two SIM cards.

WhatsApp Business offers the following features:

  • creating a company profile with contact information;
  • organization of WhatsApp-channel (chat) using shortcuts for quick access;
  • quick replies: adding templates from the most frequently sent messages;
  • automatic replies: welcome messages or notifications that there is currently no way to write;
  • using a landline phone number so customers can send messages on this number;
  • analytics: the number of messages sent, received, and read.

To install the application, go to Google Play and click "Install":
WhatsApp Business App on Google Play
Next, accept the terms of service:
WhatsApp Business Terms of Service
After that, indicate the phone number and get a confirmation code. Next, fill in the details of the WhatsApp business account and add the picture:
Register a business account on WhatsApp
Once the account is created, click on the three vertical dots at the top and select "Settings" - "Business Settings":
Business Account Settings in WhatsApp Business
In this section, you can go to profile changes, statistics, account link, and message management.

Telegram business opportunities

In Telegram, you can run a business through public channels, informing subscribers about the latest company news, special offers, and promotions, expanding the range or list of services.

Public channel features:

  • you can send long-read links to subscribers by adding a summary of the article;
  • a good solution is to use visual content: pictures, gifs, stickers;
  • messenger users get tired of frequent notifications, so the channel must be administered with care.

To create an appropriate schedule, use postponed posting systems. You will need to create an assistant bot to make posts in the channel.

Creating a Telegram bot for business

Run Telegram. Find a special bot with the nickname @botfather, which creates new ones:
Botfather in Telegram
Click "Run":
Creating a bot in Telegram
Send the command /newbot in the chat:
newbot in Telegram
Next, select a name for the new bot, which should end with the bot, after which we will get a token to be able to use external systems:
Telegram bot token
After this, the bot can be used as the administrator of the public channel.

Creating a public Telegram channel

To create a public Telegram channel (business chat), you can use the desktop version of the application. Go to settings section by clicking the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner.
Telegram Settings
Select "New Channel":
Creating a channel in Telegram
Next, add a logo, enter the name, add a description of the channel and click "Create":
New channel in Telegram
Select "Public Channel" and provide a link for access:
Creating a public channel in Telegram
After that, invite the participants:
Adding participants to the Telegram channel
After setting up the public channel, add the bot created earlier as an administrator with access to send and receive messages. To do this, go to the channel management section:
Telegram Channel Management
Go to the "Administrators" section:
Administrators Telegram-channel
Next, find the bot you need:
Telegram bot administrator
Choose the admin-bot rights:
Choosing a channel administrator in Telegram
Telegram bots support the following functions:

  • sending personalized notifications and news, acting as a smart newspaper that sends content upon publication. You can configure the bot to automatically send news using the services ifttt.com/ or kuku.io;
  • integration with other services. In Telegram business chats you can use Gmail Bot, Image Bot, GIF bot, YouTube bot, and other bots;
  • accepting payments from Telegram users. The bot can offer paid services or work as a virtual store.

Creating a business account on Facebook Messenger

Messenger business solutions are available if the user has already created a company page on Facebook. If not, then go ahead and create it:
Create a business page on Facebook
Choose the appropriate page option:
Facebook Business Page Categories
Fill in the fields with information about the company, select a category, and enter the address. Then click "Continue":
Facebook company registration
Add the company logo as a profile picture:
Upload your company logo to Facebook
Then upload the cover photo:
Download the cover in Facebook
After setting up the page, add a call to action button:
Facebook action button
Choose the most suitable one from the options offered, in this case, it will be "Contact you" - "Call now":
Facebook Call Button
Next, add the phone number and complete the setup:
Specifies the phone number to Facebook
In order to use the created page in Facebook Messenger, we will go to the settings section:
Business page settings in Facebook
Adding a business page to Facebook Messenger
With the messaging option enabled, users will be able to send messages to the page. In this case, the administrator can send messages on behalf of the company to any user who writes on this page:
Enabling Messages for a Business Page
Also, with the help of messages, you can respond to comments on the post. It is also suggested to customize saved replies for quick messaging. Instant messages are available; these are automatic responses sent to the user who wrote to the page for the first time.

To configure the Messenger functions, go to the "Messenger Platform" subsection of the page settings:
Messenger platform in Facebook page settings
Go to the customer chat plugin:
Facebook Messenger Client Chat Plugin
This option allows you to configure chat with customers through Messenger on your own website:
Setting up chat with clients on Facebook
Choose English as the default language, write a welcome message, and save the information:
Adding Facebook Messenger to your website
After specifying the domain and adding the code to the resource, complete the chat setup:
Facebook Page Response Speed
After specifying the domain and adding the code to the resource, complete the chat setup:

Using the bot for Facebook Messenger

Using the Messenger platform, you can develop a bot for interacting with customers that will use text, multimedia information, and saved replies.

Using bots, you can create shopping list processors, online stores, customer support, use list templates, and much more.

Currently, social network developers are testing the payment function. So far, the service is available in beta mode only for pages that conduct transactions in the United States. When the option is activated, you can embed the Buy button and receive payments from customers in the chat with the bot.


Messengers offer the following business tools:

  • using pages and public channels to publish company news;
  • bot development for customer support;
  • creating branded stickers;
  • use of e-commerce;
  • sending business messages;
  • integration with third-party services;
  • receiving payments from customers;
  • business account analytics.

Each business messenger has its own technical features, pros and cons, as well as its own target audience. All these nuances must be taken into account for the most effective work with customers.

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