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How to create a page with contacts in the online store

In online stores, you need to place a contact page with all the important information for potential customers. The transition to the page with contacts should be available in one click from any section of the site.

Why a contact page is important for an online store

One of the main goals of the "Contacts" page is to build trust among the visitors in the organization. The absence or incomplete filling of the page can make an unfavorable impression on potential customers and cause them to doubt the reliability of the company.

Before creating an online store contact page, you need to identify the purposes for which it will be needed, for example:

  • sales increase — to perform not only informing, but also conversion function, you can add a feedback form, allowing the customer to receive a discount on the first purchase when subscribing to online store news. Also, using the form, you can advise customers before buying and placing orders;

  • after-sales service is an important part of the work of every serious online store. It includes interaction with customers who want to exchange or return a product, or get a detailed consultation on its use;

  • personnel work — attracting new employees to the online store;

  • B2B-development — the search for new business partners to join business.

What data should be placed on the contact page

Depending on your goals, it is necessary to focus on the most important data in the section "Contacts" or "Contact Information", however, there is basic information that must be placed in any case:

  • the address of the organization with indication of the country, region, settlement and detailed information about the location of the office. It is also desirable to add a map and make a location map. You can draw it online in special services;

  • contact numbers where you can contact the representatives of the company. If the online store does not have a 24-hour call-center with specialists who advise clients, it is necessary to indicate its mode of operation. It is time to avoid the claims of customers trying to reach the office numbers that are turned off after the workday is completed;

  • full company name. If the company's activity implies licensing or requires the presence of certain certificates, they must also be posted on the website;

  • email, phone numbers in messengers, groups in social networks;

  • if the online store is interested in attracting business partners or new employees, you need to specify contacts for communication on these issues: email to send resume and commercial offers;

  • bank details for payment: card number and name of its owner, as well as the settlement account.

The completed page is added to the main menu, as well as to the basement for quick access from anywhere on the resource.

Seven examples of non-standard pages with contacts

To stand out among the competitors, you should use non-standard solutions in the design of the site, including the original pages of contacts.

Consider the non-trivial design of the "Contacts" page on the example of various companies whose ideas can be applied in your own online store.
A creative option of the page design on which the helping hand is extended to visitors. This option is sure to attract the attention of website guests with a non-standard visual line:
Creative contacts page's design
With a great number of requests, it will be convenient to clarify on the page by which particular question the user addresses, in order to connect him immediately with the specialist of the required department:
Reasons for inquiry to the support team
Here the main focus is on the fascinating animated graphics:
Unusual design for the contacts page
Bright design of the contact pages on the site that attracts attention with brilliance:
Bright page with contacts on the website
Another option — showing that it is appropriate to place a small excursion into the history of the company and tell about the features of its activities:
Rememberable contacts page example
You can use a concise contact form with a call to print or write a message to organization:
Feedback form on the site
An example of how to arrange contacts on the site in the video form, illustrating the work of a company
Feedback page with the video


The contact page is an important section for any online store. It is worth considering the goals for which the page is being created, adding all the necessary contact information to it, including the full name of the company, email, phone numbers, addresses.

The offline business will be appropriate to insert a map to the site.

It is also desirable to use non-standard design solutions, add calls for action and feedback forms.

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