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How to create a banner for a website and use it in the Google Display Network

Banners for sites help to attract the attention of users and get additional conversions from the Google Adwords display network and its analogues. You can create a banner using special online tools or graphic editors.

How an advertising banner helps to promote a website

High-quality banners are an effective way to attract new visitors to a website. By placing banners on the Google Adwords Display Network, you can show ads on more than two million sites, videos, and applications.

By placing banners on the CCM, the following tasks can be solved:

  • inform potential customers about promotions and special offers of the company;
  • attract the attention of the target audience to a new brand or product;
  • increase the number of site visitors;
  • influence the users subconscious even if they did not pay attention to the placed banner;
  • fine-tune the display of ads with banners, displaying them for specific requests and specific audiences. For example, show banners only to users who have small children or to those who travel often;
  • analyze the effectiveness of advertising and the degree of customer interest in certain products and offers.

Types of banners for a site in Google Advertising

You can use either static or animated versions of images. Regardless of the format, the banner size should be up to 150 KB. An animation lasting no more than 30 seconds is created with the GIF extension; the frame rate should not exceed five frames per second.

A static banner for a website is created in JPG or PNG formats using certain sizes. According to a study conducted in 2018, the most popular formats are:

  • rectangles (300 x 250 and 336 x 280 pixels);
  • full-sized banners (728 x 90 pixels);
  • skyscrapers (160 x 600 pixels).

For mobile devices the following sizes are common:

  • 300 x 50 pixels;
  • 320 x 50 pixels
  • 320 x 100 pixels.

Recommendations for banners creating

To create a banner, you need to take into account the concept of "banner blindness." This is a feature of scanning content on web pages by users, in which they stop noticing image ads.

Due to the abundance of excess information, visitors can concentrate on those parts of the page on which they are used to seeing useful content, and in most cases ignore side ad units:
Example of an ad banner on the site

How to draw attention to the image advertising

The banner should contain a clear, concise image and a short advertising text, as well as a bright button with a call to action. It is also worth supplementing the image ad with the company logo:
Advertising banner example
You can create a banner with the necessary elements when setting up an advertising campaign in Google Adwords. In the "Ads" section, we'll choose to add ads:
Creating an ad in Google Adwords
We'll select the "Adaptive Display Ad" type. After that, we'll enter the final URL, add images in various sizes, logo, and advertising text:
How to creade ad in Google Adwords
After entering the necessary information and content, you can view the created banner in various formats:
Display ads in Google Adwords
Additionally, you can configure the call to action button and set its own color in the "More":
Call to action in Google Adwords
The proposal should be in the interests of the target audience visiting the resource on which the banner is placed. In the Google Adwords advertising campaign, you can manually select the list of resources on which the ad will appear.

For example, a banner with advertisement of programming courses will be relevant for young people visiting sites on the topic of information technology:
An example of advertising banner for Google Adwords Display Network

How to make a banner online

Creating a banner online is an alternative way for users who do not have experience in Photoshop. You can use the following programs for this:
It allows you to create banners suitable for Google Ads and Facebook Ads. You can add various shapes and animations. The service allows you to use and modify various templates. Using the free version, you can create up to 10 banners.
How to make a banner online using Bannersnack
To remove the restrictions, you need a premium version:
Bannersnack pricing

The service offers templates, special fonts, and effects that you can use to create banners.
Creating banners online with Fotor
For access to advanced functions, a premium version is also provided:
Fotor premium version price

This online editor allows you to create banners of various sizes based on templates, adding images, shapes, and text to them.
Banner editor online Canva
You can use the free version or choose one of the paid tariffs:
Canva editor pricing
An online tool from Adobe also allows you to create banners for free using a catalog of images, fonts and templates.
How to create a banner with Adobe Spark
The paid version includes Photoshop, Lightroom, and Spark:
Adobe Spark pricing

How to add a banner to the Google Adwords Display Network

After creating the banner, upload it to Google Adwords. You can use the existing one or create a new campaign by specifying its purpose and selecting the "Display Network" type:
New campaign in Google Adwords
After setting up the campaign, add an advertisement:
New ad adding to Google Adwords campaign
Enter the URL that the user should go to when clicking on the banner and select the image ad on the computer:
Upload display ads to Google Adwords
Upload the file and add a banner to the ad group:
How to add an ad to ad group
And create a campaign:
How to create a campaign in Google Adwords


  • To attract additional traffic to the site and popularize the brand, you can use banners on the Google Adwords Display Network or its analogues.

  • A quality banner should be concise, contain a call to action, an advertising image and the logo.

  • You can create a banner using Google Adwords, paid or free programs and online tools.

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