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How to analyze the effectiveness of keywords in organic search

Qualitatively selected keywords will contribute to the SEO promotion. For this, consider the analysis methods of keywords and find out which of them are commercially advantageous for website promotion.
If you don't carry out SEO keyword research and analysis of the keywords effectiveness, you will get a website promotion, which will not bring you customers and, accordingly, no profit. You also risk getting a number of keywords that have zero traffic. The analysis will help find such keywords, but it won't work with them. We assess such factors in the analysis:

  • query frequency;
  • competition in your niche;
  • trend keywords.

Keyword Quality in Google Ads

Assess the frequency of the query, its clickability and the competition level in Google. In order to get a report that shows the quality of keywords, go to your Ads account. Next, use the Keyword Planner in the toolbar in the upper right corner:
Google Adwords Keyword Planner
In the appeared window, select search for new keywords. Next, specify the keywords that need to be analyzed and go to the next page, as in the screenshot below.
Keyword in Google Adwords
Once you get the report, as in the screenshot, make sure that the region and language are set correctly. Make changes if required. Next, select the queries you need from the list by checking the box next to it, as highlighted in the screenshot above, and add them to the plan. Download the plan to your computer to see more accurate indicators. The frequency from 10-100 won't give us anything:
keyword quality analysis at google adwords
You can set up negative keywords in the advanced options that make it easier to select keywords. These words include "free", "no registration" and others. Clear the downloaded report from unnecessary fields and focus your attention on estimated impressions, clicks, cost, CTR as in the screenshot:
Check your keyword performance
This information is enough for a basic analysis of the future query efficiency. For instance, the higher the CTR, the more conversions can be received. Despite the fact that this miscalculation program works for ads, you can forecast the amount of traffic from the organic search.

Clicks and impressions are also interesting, as it is important to understand which keywords are used for conversion. The keyword, which no one requests is useless, as it will not bring visitors to your website.

CTR in this context means the ratio between impressions and clicks, that is, the key clickability. There may be a situation where users are doing a search on a particular query, and they already see that the result doesn't suit them without going to the website, so they change the query.

There is also a situation when the user receives a response in the search and doesn't go to a website. Thus, the indicator is included in the analysis.

Cost and average PPC tell you about the level of competition in contextual advertising. If you see that the competition is large, it will be more efficient to choose a less competitive query that will easily hit the top and bring you the users.
Queries are divided into high-frequency, mid-frequency and low-frequency.
High-Frequency Queries have a very broad meaning. For example: buy a refrigerator. The frequency may vary depending on the niche; in one niche the frequency of 100 is already a high-frequency query, and in other 10,000 will be a high-frequency.

The mid-frequency is a more specific query. For example: buy Samsung fridge. Low-frequency queries specify the desired product as precisely as possible. For example: buy Samsung fridge model XXX.

Mid- and low-frequency are efficient conversion queries. First of all, the competition is lower. Secondly, they respond more accurately to the user's request, which means that you will get a hot customer who has a fully formed understanding of the product he needs.

For example, a user who searches "buy a refrigerator" is just preparing to make a purchase. The user who searches for "buy a Samsung cooler RB29FSRNDSA/UA" has already assessed the offers on the market and is looking for a seller.

At the same time, the opposite situation can happen. It all depends on the purpose of attracting traffic. Thus, if to look at it from the point of view of an online store, it is possible that there are more mid-frequency and low-frequency conversions than high-frequency ones. But if you pay attention to the total conversion for each query, then the high-frequency may turn out to have more conversion.

Keyword Analysis in Google Trends

Once you have carried out the analysis through Adwords, we recommend summarizing the analysis in Google Trends. Follow the link to the toolbar and check one by one how the specific keyword has been requested in the past.
google trends keyword frequency analysis
Enter a keyword and select a region as in the screenshot above. As a result, the graph will appear, where you need to study the query history in several periods: for a year, past five years or more, if required:
dynamics of keyword frequency in Google Trends
Estimate what months have peak demand. This will help you to prepare for the season and devote time for website optimization in advance according to the seasonality of a specific query.

This is the principle of the keyword effectiveness analysis. The task is to remove non-conversion queries and highlight prioritized keywords for promotion.

Analysis of the keywords effectiveness in Serpstat

Serpatat also allows you to analyze keywords in one place. To do this, register your project and go to the Overview Report from the Keyword Research section.
keyword analysis in serpstat
Enter a keyword and select the search engine that you need. Next, evaluate the frequency and competition level. Look at the variations picked by the tool. You get frequency per month, based on the data of the search engine and the keyword you specified in the top field.

The competition level on the keyword will show the value, the maximum of which is 100%, according to the Serpstat database. The higher the score, the more attention must be paid to competition. To analyze competitors, go to SEO Research and select the Competitors section:
competitor SEO analysis at serpstat
Assess the list of competitors on this or that keyword once you have it. Try to understand what keywords they used for SEO promotion and why the search engine considers them to be the best among others. If competitors use these keywords, it means they bring them traffic.

See for yourself by checking the indicators.

Very often you can immediately see which keywords are used by competitors. They italicize them, use them in the page titles and descriptions. The keywords of competitors are useful for your own promotion.

The Overview report also includes collected Trends, which you should analyze and predict the relevance of the query in the future. As in the previous examples, see if the demand trend is growing and when it reaches its peak of growth.


It is necessary to analyze the effectiveness of keywords in order to use only high-conversion queries that will bring traffic and, consequently, profit. When you determine the conversion of keywords, you need to clarify the following:

  • frequency of demand, which can be set through Google Adwords;
  • query competition to predict when a website will be ranking TOP;
  • a trend that will show whether the demand for a keyword is growing and when it reaches its peak.

Keywords that will not generate traffic should be abandoned. This approach will ensure the growth of the web resource audience and hence increase your profits.

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