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How to add a site to the accessibility monitoring service — comparison of free systems

Site monitoring is needed to obtain regular information about the status of a web resource. If some kind of error or server crash occurs, you will immediately know about it thanks to monitoring services.

Why do we need to check the availability of sites

If you do not add a site to monitoring accessibility, you risk losing your customers due to a non-working resource. The reputation will be damaged, and if an advertising campaign was launched, then you will also lose the money invested.

There are many such systems, so consider the most common options among webmasters.


Host-tracker has a user-friendly interface and easy registration. The site monitoring service is free for one month and notifies of errors by mail. To configure, follow the link and specify your mail address, which is convenient for receiving notifications and a hyperlink to the site: the system checks the site in the free version every 30 minutes, and offers to choose the format of notifications convenient for you: sms, email, Skype, Hangout, or voice message.
Host-tracker monitoring
In addition to checking the availability of the site, the system will inform you if your domain or IP address is in the DNSBL blacklist, it will help stop Adwords company in case of unavailability of the resource, check the expiration date and much more. As a result, you can generate a comprehensive report within the system itself. The free version of the program is valid for 30 days.
Monitoring of a site's availablity Host-tracker
The price of the package will depend on the tasks you want to solve.
Host-tracker monitoring pricing


Monitis gives 15 days of free access to the monitoring system. Follow the link to the site and add your site to the panel. To do this, click "Start monitoring" and register:
Monitis monitoring system
In the registration form, indicate the name and surname, company, and phone number. Next, check the consent box and go through the captcha:
Registration in Monitis
After successful registration, proceed to work inside the system:
Website perfomance monitoring Monitis
First of all, configure monitoring. Uptime monitors are configured for http and https protocols. The method for checking is using GET or POST. To configure the monitoring of the state of the server, you will need to install additional software.

Notifications will be received in the form you specify: SMS, voice call, through social networks and even through an http request. The panel analyzes the time it takes to load the site and the actions that your users take.

You build your own tariff plan at the end of the 15-day period. This is convenient, as you buy only the necessary and sufficient functionality for you, and not the entire package of services.


Uptimerobot is completely free, which is certainly its advantage. Go to the main page and start monitoring:
Uptimerobot monitor
To get started, confirm your mail, log in, and go to the panel. You can add a site by clicking the button "Add a new monitor":
Website monitoring using Uptimerobot
Select a monitor type. If you need to know when the site becomes unavailable, select the site protocol http or https:
Monitor types in Uptimerobot
Then fill in the fields, adjust the update frequency, and create monitoring.
Monitoring interval in Uptimerobot
Notifications will come in the mail. You can also see all the information in your personal account:
Site response time in Uptimerobot
Under the schedule, there is an event log:
Event log in Uptimerobot monitoring


A similar amount of information on the site availability can be obtained in pingdom.
Pingdom monitoring
The service offers not only an instant analysis of the website availability but also a report on the performance of the resource. For this, the technology uses the data of site visitors. An analysis is available in real time. The tool allows you to determine which violations slow down the speed.

As the service works on the interactive functions of the site, you can receive a notification about failed conversions: registration, logging in, searching, checking the basket, and so on, which arose due to an error on the website.

Notifications can be configured to receive an entire team. This is convenient when several people are working on a project. The free version is valid for 14 days. A package purchase will cost from $10:
Sitevisitor insights in Pingdom


A monitoring system that has a trial period of 15 days — nodeping. In order to start monitoring, go to the page and register:
Nodeping monitoring system
Enter your mail and create a password to start:
Registration in Nodeping
Go to the panel and add your website:
Site checking with Nodeping
Then expand the window "Scan Type" and select the one that your site needs. If you only want to receive a notification from the service, then select the protocol of your site — http or https:
Check types in Nodeping monitoring
Fill in all the fields to configure monitoring. Pay attention to the frequency indicator. The frequency determines how often the system will knock on the site and check its response code. Do not set the frequency too high, as the server may not be able to withstand the load and the site will simply "fall".

Consult with programmers. Usually, a frequency of 5 minutes is sufficient, unless every second is expensive for the site.
Site check frequency in Nodeping
At the bottom, indicate who to notify about the inaccessibility of the site. After filling in all the fields, save the data.
Check notifications in Nodeping
Notifications will be sent by mail. In the resource, you can monitor several projects at the same time. The price of paid use is distributed according to the tariffs:
Nodeping monitor pricings

Comparison table

In addition to the main emphasis on monitoring site availability, the services offer auxiliary tools or advanced options for receiving notifications. The main results are concentrated in the table:
Comparison of availability monitoring systems
Uptimerobot offers monitoring and statistics reporting, advanced notifications, API integration, and completely free access. Other systems offer only limited access with the subsequent purchase of a tariff. Host-tracker allows you to check:

  • DNSBL blacklists;
  • domain and SSL certificate;
  • site speed and download options.

An important function of the service is Adwords Management is that it automatically suspends advertising companies, which helps to avoid losses.

Other systems from the list do not offer this. Naturally, you will receive notification of errors on the site. The minimum cost of the service is $9.92.

Monitis, in comparison with others, in addition to monitoring availability and integration with the API, has an advantage in the tariff, which you can set b yourself. That is, select only the functionality that you need. Instead, you will need to install special software on your computer.

Pingdom is doing serious analytical work. In addition to the fact that you receive a notification about the inaccessibility of the site, you will be able to analyze the reasons. The system also monitors user behavior in real time. The tariff price starts from $9.95.


There are enough offers on the market to monitor site availability. We considered a small part of them in the article. The results were published in a general table.

To set up monitoring, you will need to register and create your project in the system.

As you can see from the table, the pricing policy of paid programs is not much different, but you can start with the free version. Notifications are sent by all systems, but some are ready to offer advanced notifications via social networks, call and more.

Most systems analyze the domain and server loading speed.

Basically, you do not need to install additional monitoring software. Conveniently, systems allow you to create a command that the system simultaneously notifies of an error.

Take advantage of test access and independently evaluate the merits of each program.

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