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How to add your website to Google News and other news aggregators

Google News is a content aggregator that collects news from various sources and offers them a separate issue. This is a convenient way to use information for the reader, as well as an endless stream of traffic for the website owner.
The goal of each aggregator is to systematize the content and to make its search convenient and fast. For this, each of them has strict requirements. In order for the site's RSS hit to one of the aggregators, you need to meet certain requirements.

Website optimization for Google News requirements

Google notes that in order to be included in Google News, the site must meet certain technical requirements. In particular, to have permanent URLs of the main sections and unique URLs for each article, to contain texts in only one language, to place articles on one domain, etc. A full list of recommendations is given in the official certificate.

Google notes that in order to be included in Google News, the site must meet certain technical requirements. In particular, to have permanent URLs of the main sections and unique URLs for each article, to contain texts in only one language, to place the articles on one domain, etc. A full list of recommendations is given in the help.

Technically, adding your website to the aggregator is easy. It is more difficult to optimize it for stringent requirements, which can be divided into four categories: content, markup, authorship and quality indicators of the website as a whole.

Content optimization

The quality of content and its relevance is one of the most important conditions. Aggregators accept news with a volume of at least 2 thousand characters and a uniqueness of at least 90%. Expand all known facts in the text. Google News loves names, last names, positions, and city names. Place this information in the first paragraph, and also use the H1 heading. The search engine especially appreciates the informational uniqueness of the text.
Yesterday's news will not work: only fresh materials fall into the RSS.
If you received additional information on one topic, it is better to supplement the already existing news. Do not update the URL. Update the text and change the title. So Googlebot will understand that the information has been edited.

If possible, add to news a video by topic and 3-5 high-resolution images with keywords in title and alt.

It is important to structure the information on the website clearly. Place each news in a rubric that corresponds to its main theme, and apply tags. Use geo-referencing, as regional information is ranked above nationwide. Make sure that in the snippet of each news was the date of placement on the website. This is a mandatory requirement of Google News.
Google News Home
The aggregator also prohibits the dissemination of personal and confidential information, posting sexual content, justify violence, incite hatred, call for illegal actions, etc.

Site markup

Markup is needed to indicate search and social networks robots what to look for. It helps to understand the meaning of the content on the pages of the website. Correct markup ensures the correct delivery of materials at the request of users.

To install markup:
Prepare the html-code using one of the services: Search Console from Google or the Structured Data Testing Tool.
Add the code to the template that is responsible for the markup on the site.
Verify correct operation using validation services.

Content authorship

Google welcomes linking content to a specific author. To create the perfect news website for Google, make the "Our Team" page. Indicate the names and positions on it and tell about each employee briefly. If you work alone, you have to fantasize. Create multiple accounts on your website and publish news under different names.
Sample About Us page

Site quality

The state of your website as a whole directly affects the ranking of news in Google News: the age of the domain, its history, the level of trust from users. Be sure to have a site map and robots.txt. Having a clear editorial policy and a project page is also welcome.

Work with social networks. Constant activity in them, likes, comments – this is a confirmation that your content is interesting and in demand. Comments are especially appreciated, as they are generated by the most interested users.

Do this work and start adding your website to Google News.

Adding your website to Google News

To add your website to Google News, you need a Google Account. Go to the News-Tools section, log in or register. If you use Google for Webmasters, a list of your sites will appear on the main page. To add one of them to Google News, click on the button next to the site name: "Send a request to add Google News to the index".
Adding a site to Google News
If your website is not on the list, find the phrase below: "Do you want to include the site in Google News?" and click the link next to it.
Request for inclusion in Google News
Fill out the form and send a request to add your website to the service. After sending you will see a confirmation on the screen.

Please note that registering your website in Google News may take a long time. The term of consideration of the application is three weeks. The reason for rejection is not explained, and you can resubmit the application after 60 days. To find out about the status of the application, check notifications in the News Google service.

How to measure content performance in Google News

You can evaluate the effectiveness of articles in Google News in several ways, depending on how the text got into the aggregator.

If the page is added to the service by a search robot, a direct link to the site will appear in Google News. Traffic can be distinguished by referring to URL: news.google.com and news.url.google.com. Information for analysis will be available in the Page Statistics report.

If the content has been added to the service using RSS or Producer, you can track traffic to the same referring URL or thanks to tracking functions in Producer.


To get into Google News and other news aggregators, you need:

  • to create unique, interesting and valuable content (only in HTML-format);
  • publish regularly. The more often, the better;
  • ptimize your website;
  • onitor the structure of the resource;
  • nsure the correct operation of the site;
  • se promotion on social networks.

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