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Content Marketing 11 min read

9 Lead Magnet Ideas For Every Stage Of The Buyer's Journey

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Simki Dutta
Simki Dutta
Content marketer at Venngage
Did you know that only 4% of website visitors are ready to buy? The remaining 96% visit your website and are most likely to leave without a trace. This is where lead magnets come into the picture.
Look at them as freebies positioned to lure prospects into downloading an insightful piece of content in return for their email address.
The primary objective of using lead magnets is to attract qualified leads and develop a relationship with them through every step of their journey.

The most effective lead magnets are those that are relevant and demonstrate value, enabling your target audience to instill trust in your company.

Your website visitors could be in different stages of the buyer's journey - awareness, consideration and decision.
9 Lead Magnet Ideas For Every Stage Of The Buyer 16261788412441
A piece of content that would be relevant to someone in the awareness stage might not be useful to a prospect who is looking to make a purchase decision.

Buyers in each of these stages come with a unique set of interests, motivations, goals and pain points. Before you get down to content planning, it's a good idea to mind map your customers to visualize their journey and gain insights for brainstorming content ideas.

Let's take a look at the suitable lead magnets you can create for every stage of the buyer's journey.
Awareness: top of the funnel
Awareness is the largest and uppermost stage of the marketing funnel. Prospects in this stage are completely unaware of your brand and what you offer.

Hence, your objective needs to be centered around creating awareness and familiarizing them with your company. More than conversion, the focus should be on engaging prospects and generating interest.

Here are three lead magnet ideas for prospects in the awareness stage.
#1 Blog posts
Starting a blog is the most common way to deliver value and attract leads, particularly in the awareness stage.

Blog posts are informative and enable you to create content based on your customers' pain points.

While blog posts are easy to create, make sure you analyze SEO data and identify the right topics that would be relevant to your target audience to create engaging content that holds their attention.

How do you convert your blog readers into leads?

You can place clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons in the header bar, sidebar, within the article or at the end of the blog post. You can also leverage exit-intent popups to strategically appear, encouraging website visitors to convert.
9 Lead Magnet Ideas For Every Stage Of The Buyer 16261788412441
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#2 Checklists
Checklists are a popular lead magnet because they enhance productivity and help people manage their tasks efficiently. What's more, they are very easy to consume.

You can condense a top-performing blog post into a quick checklist and place it at the end of the post, thereby offering additional value. They can be used to demonstrate to-do lists, steps of a process, essential requirements or best practices.
9 Lead Magnet Ideas For Every Stage Of The Buyer 16261788412441
#3 eBooks
eBooks are comprehensive in nature, giving you the potential to educate your audience and establish your brand as an expert. Having higher perceived value than most other forms of content, eBooks make for effective lead magnets.

However, it's important to note that eBook creation is slightly more time-consuming. Hence, in order to successfully capture leads, it's essential to offer in-depth, qualitative content and not choose the easy way out by combining several blog posts to create an eBook.

Apart from the writing aspect, be sure to make it visually appealing by using original graphics in the form of charts, images and infographics to retain attention and communicate effectively.
9 Lead Magnet Ideas For Every Stage Of The Buyer 16261788412441
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Consideration: middle of the funnel
During the consideration stage, prospects are likely to be finding probable solutions and weighing their options. They have their options laid out and your objective should be to convince them why your brand is the best choice. In other words, you need to aim to make it to their shortlist.

Here are three lead magnet ideas for the consideration stage.
#4 Case studies
92% of consumers are more likely to trust non-paid recommendations than any other type of advertising, proving that case studies are winning pieces of content. It's your way of saying, "here's what we are capable of".

Case studies work because they serve as social proof. They let you demonstrate the value you can bring to the table while boosting credibility.

For example, let's say you're a cannabis company. As one of the biggest challenges such companies face is building trust, writing case studies backed by strong data can help you build reputability and take prospects further down the funnel.
9 Lead Magnet Ideas For Every Stage Of The Buyer 16261788412441
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#5 Webinars
Webinars are a live or pre-recorded virtual event through which you can engage with your audience and offer valuable insights.

People are always on the lookout for informative content and webinars let you deliver that effectively. What's more, webinar attendees are genuinely interested in your brand and are likely to be more qualified to convert.

Use presentation templates to create a compelling presentation and end it with a compelling offer that boosts conversions. Host an interactive session by asking questions and engaging your audience with polls and Q&As.
9 Lead Magnet Ideas For Every Stage Of The Buyer 16261788412441
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#6 Whitepapers
Another in-depth and persuasive piece of content is whitepapers. Centered around problem-solving, whitepapers are used to establish authority and credibility.

The best whitepapers are those that are an amalgamation of deep knowledge and original research.

As they are information-rich, they may tend to overwhelm readers. Hence, it's important to create white papers that people want to read. Use visuals to present data and breakout boxes to highlight content and make it more readable.
9 Lead Magnet Ideas For Every Stage Of The Buyer 16261788412441
Decision: bottom of the funnel
The final part of the marketing funnel is the decision stage. Leads here are very close to making a purchase and all they need is a slight push. What can help is offering them personalized content that matches their needs and gets them to seal the deal.

Here are three lead magnet ideas for the decision stage.
#7 Interactive calculators and quizzes
At this stage, users are looking for highly customized content that addresses their pain points and offers a viable solution.

Interactive calculators and quizzes can help you deliver that.

Using such interactive content encourages users to find a tailored solution to their problems while keeping them engaged and invested in your proposition.

Here's an example of an app revenue calculator that calculates how much revenue you can make from your app.
9 Lead Magnet Ideas For Every Stage Of The Buyer 16261788412442
#8 Discount coupons
People love discounts. So, why not offer discount coupons to convert customers and boost your lead generation efforts?

You can offer discounts to first-time users or offer other incentives such as free shipping, free gifts or host a giveaway.
9 Lead Magnet Ideas For Every Stage Of The Buyer 16261788412442
#9 Free demo/trial
What's better than a discount coupon? A free trial or demo.

Offering free trials or demos is a great way to let prospects use your product and derive value from it to aid decision making.

Let's say you're a project management tool. You can offer a time or usage bound free trial to let leads experience your tool and make a more informed purchase.

There are instances when prospective buyers might hesitate to pay but they are able to make a more confident purchase decision once they've tried the product/software out.
9 Lead Magnet Ideas For Every Stage Of The Buyer 16261788412442
Content plays a crucial role in attracting, nurturing and converting leads. The key lies in understanding your target audience and creating content that appeals to every stage of the buyer's journey.

It's also important to constantly measure the performance of your content - don't stop at creating and promoting content. Make sure you track marketing metrics to monitor the effectiveness of your strategy.
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