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Most Popular Phrases (top_words)

The top_words method helps you to find popular words for building search suggestions. The data set is similar to the most popular words in the Search suggestions report of Keyword research.

General request parameters and instructions for using Serpstat API

Following parameters can be used for pagination:
page_size: number of results per page (default: 100, max: 1000)
page: page number (set to the 1st page by default)

Response parameters
Parameter Description 
result Contains the answer
total Number of found search suggestions
hits An array of top words for the search suggestion
keyword Popular word for the search suggestion
How many search suggestions appear for the popular word
status_msg Response "OK" or "Error" report on a successful or unsuccessful request
status_code Response code "200" — successful request. Errors occur when credits are exceeded (number of simultaneous requests or account credits)
left_lines API credits remaining

Part of the API response for which you spend 1 credit:

    "keyword": "app",
    "count": 32

Request data:

Response data:
    "result": {
        "total": 2652668,
        "hits": [
                "keyword": "app",
                "count": 32
                "keyword": "5s",
                "count": 29
                "keyword": "case",
                "count": 21
    "status_msg": "OK",
    "status_code": 200,
    "left_lines": 998855