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Domain Organic Keywords (domain_keywords)


This report shows keywords a domain ranks for in Google top 100 search results.

You can get up to 60000 results in this report.


Following parameters can be used for pagination:

  • page_size : number of results per page (default: 100, max: 1000)
  • page :  page number (set to the 1st page by default)

You can use the following parameters to filter the results

Parameter Description Possible settings
position_from min position for a keyword  1-100
position_to max position for a keyword  1-100
queries_from min number of monthly searches  0-100,000,000
queries_to max number of monthly searches  0-100,000,000
cost_from min CPC  0-200
cost_to max CPC  0-200
concurrency_from min level of competition  1-100
concurrency_to max level of competition  1-100
url filtering by url  string
keywords filtering by keywords (list of keywords separated by commas)  string
minus_keywords filtering by negative keywords (separated by commas)  string
pm_url lookup belonging to the partial url  1/0 (active/inactive)

To sort the results apply following parameters:

  • sort : field that needs to be sorted
  • order : sorting order (asc - ascending, desc -  descending)
Metrics Description
result Encapsulates the answer

Number of keywords for which the domain ranks in top-100

region_queries_count Search volume in selected search engine database
domain Domain which ranks for the keyword
keyword Keyword for which the domain ranks
keyword_length Number of words divided by space in a keyword
url URL of a page which appears in SERP for the keyword
right_spelling Proposed correction for a keyword with a spelling error
dynamic How the position of this keyword has changed

The number of results found for ""keywords""

keyword_crc The checksum for a quick search
url_crc crc code (encryption method)
cost Cost per click, $
concurrency Keyword competition in PPC
position Domain's position for a keyword
keyword_id Keyword ID in our database
subdomain Subdomain which ranks for the keyword
region_queries_count_last Search volume (last month)
types A list of special elements shown in SERP (for example, video, carousel or map)
geo_names List of toponyms in the array (if toponyms are present in the keywords)
status_msg Response "Ok" or "Error" report on a successful or unsuccessful request
status_code Response code 200 — successful request.
Errors occur when limits are exceeded (number of simultaneous requests or account limits)
left_lines API limits remaining

Example PHP Python
Request data:
Response data:


// This example works on serpstat-sdk only

require_once __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php';
// configure your application
$config = [
    'token' => '19666fc1ae1724da1d5ea2f3a99d5f5a',
$domain = '';
// init client with your serpstat api token
$apiClient = new \Serpstat\Sdk\Core\ApiGuzzleHttpClient($config['token']);
// create instance of any api method class
// list of methods classes in folder src\Methods
$apiMethod = new \Serpstat\Sdk\Methods\DomainKeywordsMethod(
try {
    // try call api method
    $response = $apiClient->call($apiMethod);
} catch (\Exception $e) {
    // catch api error
    $response = $e->getMessage();
import codecs
import json
import pprint
import urllib.request as urlrequest
from urllib.parse import urlencode

host = ''

method = 'domain_keywords'
params = {
    'query': '',  # string for get info
    'se': 'g_us',  # string search engine
    'token': 'ijmiom4f5m34905g03um8342dm04923lre3w',  # string personal token

api_url = "{host}/{method}?{params}".format(

    json_data = urlrequest.urlopen(api_url).read()
except Exception as e0:
    print("API request error: {error}".format(error=e0))

data = json.loads(json_data)

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