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The complete research of SERP with advanced analytics

Unlike other rank tracking services on the market, we keep track of all top 100 search results for a keyword, and not only the rank of one domain for the tracked keyword. Serpstat users benefit from this unique feature by gaining insight into exact positions of all top 100 domains for a keyword without the need to create separate projects for monitoring competitors’ ranks.

SERP Historical Data

Serpstat store the top 100 search results for every keyword. If someone has previously tracked the keyword in question in a particular region or city, you’ll get the ranking history for the keyword as a bonus from Serpstat.

Keywords Grouping by tags

There’s no point in tracking and researching the top 100 search results for all your keywords - you’ll get much more value from analyzing competition across particular items or services. For instance, if you run an ecommerce site offering various types of goods, your competitors will be different in the laptop and the video camera categories.

Insights into traffic distribution among domains

Introduction of rank tracking and keyword grouping capabilities has given us an opportunity to implement an algorithm that allows to find out the market share of every domain from top 100 search results for the tracked keywords and keyword groups. The SEO professionals will be delighted to get a tool that will allow them not only to track improvements in SEO rankings, but most importantly to see rises or falls in a domain’s visibility.

Serpstat shows the market share fluctuations

We show not only the domain’s market share, but also the changes in the market share. This gives more insightful data, and allows to monitor competition and research the market niche.

Local Search

Track your state, city or even postcode area to keep track of your most direct competitors all over the world.

In-depth URL Analysis

Serpstat is the first page-oriented platform for a deep competitive analysis that helps you find competitors and define missing keywords for a single URL.

Insights on Search Questions

Research niche questions and find ideas for creating traffic-driving content.

"Tree-view" Keywords Distribution

Rank your URLs on the firstpage of Google search. Use Serpstat`s unique Tree-view algorithm to check your page's positions, improve the ones that are just behind the first page and gain more traffic.

Cluster Research

Discover all search terms and phrases that are semantically connected to the queried keyword.

Adaptable Filters

Set your own parameters and get exactly what you’re looking for. Our advanced filters are the best on the market.

Serpstat Domain Optimization Score

Serpstat`s unique SDO score shows how well your web site optimised and allows you to compare the quality of your website's optimization to the quality of your competitors'optimization.

Clean up your website

Start your SEO and linkbuilding by fixing errors on your website. We'll show you the optimization errors and the way to fix them. Don't let bad pages stop your improvement.

Don't miss new errors

Moving to HTTPS? Make sure you didn't miss any duplicates and that your redirects are in order. Find missing H1, check your website for any Access and Indexation issues optimize your website for a better ranking.

Plan your SEM strategy and budget properly

Not sure if you should hire an SEO-specialist? Check your website with Serpstat's site audit to find out is your website needs help.

Analyze all of your competitors online

Get the complete list of websites and pages in organic and paid search that rank for the keywords in the same niche.

Niche Leaders Identification

Find pages with the best visibility in your niche - not only by specific keyword. Find out what makes market leaders successful and use their tactics to improve your website.

Follow the visibility and keyword trends

Your competitors have weak points and strong poins, Serpstat will show you both. Learn how your competitors improve their websites and keep up with them.

Monitor the progress of your competitors

Can't outrank your competitor? Serpstat will show you their weak spots. Find keywords that your competitors are losing grasp on and use the opportunity to take their place in SERP.

Get the keyword map of your competitor's website

Find out what pages of your copetitor's website rank for which keywords and on what positions.

Position Tracking

The complete research of SERP with advanced analytics

Backlink Analysis

The complete research of SERP with advanced analytics

Keyword Research

The complete research of SERP with advanced analytics

Site Audit

The complete research of SERP with advanced analytics

Competitor Research

The complete research of SERP with advanced analytics

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— Alexandra Tachalova

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— Yury Sotnikov

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Our Manual and Use Cases page will show you how to use Serpstat to its full potential. Beat your competitors and take a leading position in Search.

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